Hungry scammers

I have this urge to do so online trading biz hence the reason I signed up on one website purpoting to trade in bitcoins.

No sooner had I clicked on the “Submit” button on the reqistration form, I started receiving calls from mobile numbers with Telkom prefix.All are saying its the last opportunity they have.Hadi sasa they are calling all.

Wueeehhh pesa kidogo hivi na imengojewa huko nje na mahungry kama shiet…

Shait [FONT=Times New Roman]mwathani nikuuu kwega riuuu wamatu-ini[/FONT]

enda ni legit. Review any company on legit social forums like reddit before using them, Scammers ni wengi.


As a trader I advise you to only trade for yourself. The learning process is long but worthy. Also block those fellows.


Am blocking them as they come…pheew luckily i used a different number from my usual one and a test email address


I agree trade them yourself infact dont stress buy and forget them for like 6months or so

Try localbitcoins or remitano (Lakini hawa utalia customer service) Paxful pia ni poa but the have terrible rates.