All Security Officers attached to Right Hon Raila Odinga and Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka have been recalled.

We are going to deal with Babuon once and for all. Watch this space…


How do you expect the police to provide protection if he’s going to participate in illegal activities.

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Don’t see the need for such actions. This is so 1980’s behavior. Slowly steering the country into war.

Really? War? Just because his security detail has been withdrawn? Nonsense…
So, if he’s going to protest, should his security be allowed to engage fellow cops or what should they do?

For the 1,096,564th time. We are tired of this cliche phrase and we are no longer watching,we are taking over that space.


A good move by the government. Kilisema kiko na powers na hakitambui Uhuru Kama president. Furthermore they have their own army of bees to protect them

Mupigane mwenye nguvu achukue hii kiti,hapa mimi niko sick leave kujipanga hadi Monday.remote ya tv flipping channels nione munafikishana wapi.

Ruto said this circus must be brought to an end. But first the Monkey Trader has to be dealt with.