Huge Fire at Royal Media


Disgruntled employee.

Atleast sio cellulite

How’s the last pic related?

Huyo ni Nani ameinama?

royal media employees twerking online for 300 bob from viewers, because of poor pay.

She’s the disgruntled employee. Kunguru sugu

You must’ve noticed the high level bs in that sentence soon after typing it.

That is Sherline Anyango bana.


Alichoka kutumiwa vibaya na royal media, sasa ivi yuko free

Any employee who finds themselves poorly paid must think twice about the career they chose to pursue.

That must be a millennial, complete with bad English, yet so fucking entitled!

Unfortunately, RMS won’t die, if anything, they will evolve into the new trends of media. That Viusasa thing was a very brilliant decision, it will save that company in the end. It has the potential to be Africa’s YouTube. But it will take a lot of time, right decisions, and clearly leadership.

But the media as we know it is going down.

Kama uko media saa hii, please invest in your skills and save, after elections people will get laid off!!

Individuals who are going to suffer the most are celebrity media personalities who enjoy benefits based on fame that got them 6 figure salaries & huge hosting gigs, like those mentioned in the mail. A few will survive, Jalango is well ahead of the game (enyewe difficult times build strong men).

Skilled journalists with handson experience will always survive, if i was this guy i’d slowly start my own gig online pole pole. Cameramen, Technicians, Editors, Reporters can all earn from their skills doing their own thing or getting gigs for different online productions, there are so many guys editing content online earning in dollars for big YouTube platforms and are Kenyans.

But eventually, big media will fall in KE if they dont evolve digitally, who ever thought hollywood would fall? YouTube single handedly destroyed hollywood, Netflix was the last kick. Los Angeles is slowly turning into Hobo village,homeless numbers have spiralled and YouTubers are amongst the most paid entertainers.

With that grammar no station is going to pay him over 50k

First of all, Millenials are in their 40s right now.

I don’t think this individual is being entitled. This mail was probably collectively written and explains alot of people’s concerns in that institution.

These guys are suffering. I live with some of them hapa kwa bedsitters, wakitoka asubuhi na nametags being picked by whatever vans at 5am, but are earning around 50k on average.

Put yourself in their shoes, you do all the work, edit or set the cameras, prevent technical issues, kusumbuana na watu kwa streets for interviews, get chased with cameras, clobbered by cops etc then someone walks into the room 15 mins to time, dressed by your company, earning 20 times your salary, with zero skills, and isnt getting pay cuts.

Do you know there are times some of these ninjas earning 45k who do technical stuff are called in the middle of the night after working the entire day, gari inatumwa hadi kwa gate to save the day. Na hata ongezwa pesa.

Now, you are one of the most important guys in that company, yet even security guys earn more than you ata drivers hapo get paid better, 30k plus allowances during trips. Alafu you get a 20% paycut of that 45k hahaha!

Bibi ya jirani yako… Ango

“Demolarized” as in they removed their molars?

:D:D:D:D yaani you must twist the narrative to suit the situation??

50k ni pesa nyingi ukijipanga vizuri… mimi nilikuwa nalipwa 17k for the same hours and tougher work