Huddah on Kirubi and finances

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“This man used to see me in business class in almost all my travels. In Nairobi, there is no first-class lounge, so you all sit there in the business class lounge, waiting on the Emirates flight,” she said.

“When he asked what I do for a living, I didn’t have an answer. He proceeded to upgrade me to first class…”

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I missed the point…

put simply she allowed him taste from her honey pot,hence the upgrade to first class

Huddah kamepigwa kuni mpaka hakawezi nona. Kirubi na yeye alikuwa a man hating idiot. Am glad he is dead.

Ebu tafta video yake kwa page ya Nyakundi akilenga boy child and proceeding to interact with the female.

Ungeleta hio vindeo apa mujamaa

Leta video ama rink
Sasa ni page gani hiyo uunasema

kwani alimpeleka first class ndio amuweke kidole kwa biometric scanner ama ni mimi siget?


When he bought capital he fired any man he thought ni compe not moneywise but male wise akina Oyunga pala etc and left with runts and bitchez

Waaah. Sikujua ivo.

Two things come out:

  1. Huddah could not name the economic activity that she was engaged in, to afford flying business class frequently
  2. Kirubi upgraded her seat so that they could possibly spend more time together in the course of the flight. Or maybe as an advance payment?

Hii umbwa taka taka inakataa salamu

Hiyo shit imeniuma mimi mwenyewe sana

:mad:hata mimi imeniuma

kwani angesalimia jamaa angekua maskini?ghaseer, sasa atazikwa na hizo pesa?sazingine binadamu tunajisahau

Kijana anakaa sufferer. The ultra rich like Kirubi have a special kind of resentment for the poor. They don’t even see them as human.

And now he is dead. Anajifanya like he would have lived forever.

Aki. Now the fucker is dead and has left all his wealth behind. Angesalimia hustler alafu akaoge.

Mnataftanga alpha males in all the wrong places. Kazi ya alpha ni kusieze every opportunity to buss a nut or make a kill. Anything else is irrelevant.

zile kuni huddah alikula hadi akaweka meno sio kidogo. Kuni imemfikisha from a kibogoyo to a socialite mule