Huddah goes to caramel lounge

There’s only one night club being
talked about right now; Caramel
Lounge in Westlands.
Located at ABC Place, Caramel
Lounge was brought to the
limelight by this blog through a
heavily shared post revealing their
expensive alcohol. Of particular
interest was one Remy Martin Louis
XIII which is going for Sh1.2
million a bottle, with a tot going
for Sh 41,000.
Since then, it has become a hub
for everyone with the financial
might. Even Akon dropped by when
he was in town.
Over the weekend, Huddah Monroe
decided she too had to see what
the fuss was all about.
It appears she was not in the
mood for the Sh1.2 million Remy
Martin, because she settled for the
far much cheaper Moët & Chandon
Imperial Champagne. A bottle
should not exceed Sh5,000.

hahha i can buy myself moet