Huawei mate 10 is finally here

I’ve been waiting for this , and they haven’t disappointed , actually they did but made up for it on the pro version. Check it out… now water proof, can be used along with a monitor and acts like a desktop pc if desired …if that makes sense , video on YouTube… Check it out

Huawei has been my anti Samsung anti iPhone , device .
Note .
Not to be compared to iPhone and Samsung, all have their unique capabilities.

Pesa ngapi?.. and if it’s cheap!.. No thank you!

Nokia will be my anti-samsung anti-iphone phone,nangoja nokia 2,hio battery life kwa mtu wa sales ni convinient sana

Should be on the 7-800USD area

I was excited more about the NPU in Kirin 970’s soc, lemme wait for an anand tech review and comparison to SD 825

The video pan out as a good phone… especially when it able to sync as a computer mouse. But still the friends I have a following to if I were to get a Huawei nawazatukanwa yangu yote.

turing mambo yote…12GB RAM and 1TB ROM 60MP primary camera can record 4K video

The black Porche Limited Edition, Waaaaah kitu kali

You need to be yourself , doesn’t matter what others think. I’ve had a mate 7 ever since they launched and the reason was because I’d used both iPhone and Samsung in that order before . I ditched both because , iPhone is overpriced, Samsung had issues with battery and memory, they could have fixed that already by now.
Anyways I was the only one using Huawei around that time, this is before they had the P series out and were still a small company , market share wise.
Everyone kept asking what phone I was using, some even called it a tv , he he , back then it was too big, only compared to Samsung note series.
Point being ,as long as it serves you like you prefer, doesn’t matter what others think.

Waaaat!? Sasa hio yote mtu anafanyia nini, si ninunue gaming pc :confused: