Ni Scam Tupu, hakuna kitu ya maana

Guys, be very wary of this site. In fact, don’t bother buying or inquiring anything from there.

Hawa ata SSL certificate imewashinda kununua. They’re jokers.

We will buy

If you couldn’t see those listings ob that site are a scam then una tamaa, anyway tuambie umeoshwa nini?

I don’t know what is listings ob in the first place.
Secondly, kuna Fala Fulani hapo anadai nimtumie doo ya gedesco aniletee gari, namshow, mimi nakamia gari. Mzee wa watu analeta matusi aje

Meant listings on…surely hukuona the price tags on those cars are suspicious? Even one bit? Update yourself on the current prices of cars you’ll see why.

you are right. I had only one listing of a car at 450k, on calling, it was on old mzee composed sana and he gave me a story, which i was believing. that he has a sick daughter. after a week i called again the he told me nimtumie doh ya fuel, i was like wtf? let me check other listings, yeah, that was it. i didn’t lose a cent.

Hahaa wazee wako kazi. Wakongwe Kazini…