Wanakijiji…does HTC have a good phone? Reviews zicome tafasari

HTC like Sony has been dead on the scene for a while…their mid-ranger U19e looks like revival steps…though the competition is stiff on that department with its price tag.

Do HTC phones still exist??

With the advent of Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, Tecno and Infinix HTC is dying a natural death same as Sony…btw what happened to LG phones I barely see anyone using it??

HTC ile phone ilikuwa Kali ni m7 na m8. Hizi zingine ni rubbish.

Lg is really trying to hold on to their smartphone division unlike HTC who went to bed with Google and is kinda non-existent now…they still come out with very good smartphones what ends up failing them is marketing… they’re just not as agressive as say Samsung…also they miss a thing or two in making the near perfect device…

In my opinion the Lg V30,V35 & G6 came that close even sales were very good for Lg what pulls them down are things like average software support, low battery capacities & design


after the m7 and m8 htc ilikufa. Google even bought their hardware engineers to work on their pixel line. Any phones from htc siku izi ni pure meffi