HTC 620 vs HTC 620G


I’m planning on getting another phone and I did some research on alternatives to the Samsung galaxy grand prime so I settled for this phone (dual sim). Problem is it comes in two variants: The 620 which has LTE and quad core processor chipset and the 620G which comes with 3g and an octa-core processor chipset. I reasoned since 4g isn’t something much to look at here in this our country (and safcom will lie as always) I’ll go for the 620G. Now where my attention got piqued is the pricing. The 620 is priced a bit higher than the 620G. On closer inspection I found that the 620 has a Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 at 1.2 Ghz with Adreno 306 (cortex A53) and the 620G has Mediatek MT6592 at 1.7 Ghz with Mali450MP (cortex A7)

According to ARM, the A53 is better (kinda like i7 and i5) than the A7 but in this case the A53 is clocked slower and is 4 cores less than the A7.
Reviews on the mediatek chipset are negative after it was used in some alcatel handset and it performed poorly and comparisons of the two don’t bring out a clear winner. I’m stuck



What’s wrong with that? I was looking for alternatives for the grand prime, I found the two HTC’s. Where’s the problem with what I’ve posted? Ama unanit pick sentensi juu ulifunzwa grammar leo darasani?

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kwani HTC na SAMSUNG?!

Tafadhali weka tu picha tukuchagulie ni gani poa kuliko ingine

Get 620 snapdragon are highly rated.

Mimi kwangu simu ni simu as long as I can communicate

At this rate wewe unaanguka KCSE. Nini ngumu kwa hiyo sentensi?

Zafanana zote, hata utachanganyikiwa zaidi

Thats what I’m thinking but I posted to see whether I might be missing something

Kwaivyo hauchezangi tugame hivi ama usome ebooks

snapdragon is always a winner in the world of chipsets,u might also have realized tht most high end devices are equipped with snapdragon SoC…my experience with snap is tht its a power saver plus device dosent heat up on prolonged usage…on the other hand mediatek is a biatch, even most Exynos chipsets are a birches too…u can find mediatek in all Teknos with very poor experience especially for ppl who mobile fon like a comp itachemka ufikirie kuitupa kwa maji

Samsung galaxy s3 mini iko na gani?

[QUOTE=“The.Black.Templar, post: 21829, member: 153”]
Samsung galaxy s3 mini iko na gani?

NovaThor,U8420 SoC. another very poor chipset by formally SonyEricsson,
i once used Galaxy s advanced.(which is also equipped with NovaThor Soc) it used to heat up en reboot on its own…it was very clean frm the mrkt with original stockRom with no root access…yangu apo nikachukia NovaThor[/QUOTE]

This is what I needed, user experience.

Thanks man.

That octa-core is tempting but I knew there had to be an issue somewhere.

btwn hio Octacore na Quadcore huezi note change yeyote while using the fon maybe kidogo sana

its like using a core2Duo pc and a Dual core

… just that the core2duo is an improvement of the dual core and gives support for 64 bit