hp pavilion dv6 3042ee

Hii kitu inahema sana at times after long hours of work . nifanyeje ? nilipeleke another dv6 last year same problem nikalimpa thao saa hizi inahema na kupata joto karibu ishike nare hii side ya fan na hdmi. Nifanyeje watu wa jubilee na cord plus others.

Inahang? If no then you have nothing to worry about

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No problem. old HP computers were set to have their fans run through out. I went to system bios and set it to run when the system is hot only and its been quiet for 5 years now.

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Likely has dust accumulated. Get it blown or dusted.

How did you do that?

It was fuckin 5 years ago.
Kama ni HP Washa comp escape before i-load windows or whatever the OS. Kwa system bios settings utapapata kuna option ya kuregulate fan. System bios settings are usually few and express. Most older generation HP computers are set to have their fans always on making them very noisy. I switched options to regulated. If your com is newer it could be different.

This is what the system I am using now is like. Yours may however be different. Hiyo angle ni vile sikuwa nataka kuonekana kwa reflection.


Scroll to the right hand side

hapo kwa fan, yangu ikona always on ama off. so I put off ama?
haina regulated

put of

Off/Disable. It will start only when there is need to. That will however not out away the heat. the computer will certainly be quiet and start fan occasionally.