How YouTube pays per view

I have to share this here coz this Kenyan lady explained it vizuri Sana now it’s up-to you to know if you want to get paid for your videos.

This explains why akina chipukeezy, djshiti na wengineo ukimbilia funny raw videos za watu then upload them on their accounts, a good example ni kale ka kijana ka mathweety na the new sensation in town Cuteboyassociation

Vile walichange izo terms, youtube ilibaki ya professional youtubers

Hao watu umetaja hapo juu wana need some good followings na views for corprates wajump in na kuwalipa vifiti for adverts.

You must get 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. Vitu kama hizo random memes and viral videos have low CPMs because they target a mass viewership. The real $$ in youtube hukuwa niche vlogging juu companies are willing to pay more to feature in niche ads where their conversion rate is higher. Hao watu wa memes and random videos unaweza pata ni $3 per 1000 video views. While msee ako kwa niche kama car reviews, real estate etc analipwa $30 per 1000 views. The big bucks roll in from shout-outs na affiliate marketing. Adsense hukuwa just a bonus.

is that 6$ per 1000 views standard across all channels?

Surambovu marketing.

She is earning. Some go as far as showing us saggy tits

YouTube is very good business but you need to go for a good niche that people can gain value via watching it. Most crazy videos are good for a start but once copyright issues arise you lose the account and get penalized.The audience matter a lot, third tier countries like Kenya earnings are very low to like $0.2 for 1000 views and it can go to more than like $100 for 1000 views for first tier countries i.e USA/Canada/UK for lucrative niches like banking, loans, insurance and scholarship niches. Product reviews niche is also very lucrative and top Youtubers like Mo Vlogs who has 8M subscribers of UAE make serious $$ on high end cars reviews. Video quality also matters a lot and length of the content in terms of minutes matters too. Short content earning are very low compared to long content as ads can be spaced hence users will not opt out vice vie short videos.Incase your interested we are open to open a forum for making money online and I can contribute to any inquiries you have.

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have got onboard a very good youtuber @African Tigress and she will be able to answer all your inquiries today

Bring any of those questions you have about youtube. I am a Kenyan Youtuber with some good info how those youtube streets work