How Your Parenting will affect your kids' future

-No matter how[SIZE=16px] well or bad you were brought up, there is an emotional wound from your childhood affecting you right now as an adult.
How parents affect child development.

-Why are there adults who lack self esteem and why are there over confident people?
-Why are there difficult people and why are there normal people?
-It would be a mistake to say that one factor affects the development of personality because personality development is a much more complicated process. however you can confidently assume that Parenting style is one of the strongest factors that affects child development.

-When a child grows up he is usually affected by what he was taught in his past by his parents, in this article i will tell you parents affect child development and how you can avoid raising emotionally unhealthy children.

How a child’s personality is affected by his parents.

  1. Authoritarian parents raise children with low self esteem: -An authoritarian parent or a parent who wants to be obeyed without questions usually teaches his child how to conform to rules (and the child usually does well in college and school) but this parenting style also results in loss of self esteem!!

2.Overprotective parents raise fearful children: If the child was constantly over protected he will come to conclude that the world is unsafe, he won’t have the chance to develop enough skills to deal with life and he will learn how to remain in his comfort zone.

3.Authoritative parents raise balanced children: Authoritative parents are the ones who set strict rules and who are in the same time diplomatic. This parenting style usually results in adults who conform to rules and who in the same time have confidence in themselves
Permissive parents raise rebels with high self esteem: The parent who is always available and who cares about his child but who is in the same time not demanding raises rebels who have a high self esteem. Because the child didn’t learn how to conform to rules he usually hates that someone imposes rules on him.

  1. Neglectful parents raise children who have low self esteem and who perform badly in all tasks: Parents who neglect their children teach the children how to feel that they are not worthy and in the same time the child fails to learn how to perform well in life activities.

-This was just an example of the horrible effects a wrong parenting style could have on a child. If you are a parent then pay special attention to the way you deal with your children if you want them to be mentally healthy.

-If you are the child who was treated in a bad way and who now have low self esteem then the good news is that its never too late,


waiting for everyone to walk in and blame all bad parenting on moms …



1, 2 and 4 goes to dads. A mom can only be overprotective.

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Hapo sawa, might cum in handy sometime inshallah

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Of course,for you and your ilk this will surely “cum” in handy some time InshAllah


Ukioa palmela MUPATE watoi

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i blame single mothers who think they can d o it all on their own

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Uncle siukona uchinga

I dont know much, but i know that raising a child is a hands on experience task. If you are raising two or three, be certain they will have diverse traits. You do your best, the kid becomes whatever. We all wish to raise Denzel Washingtone. But an occasional wanugu is not a parents fault

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Kush hata ka-first born bradhe yaani? Ama hauna araka? Ule muindi uli dry fry juzi si angekupea ka-junior?

Number 2 is an overprotective mum meaning all moms raise up fearful kids who conclude the world is unsafe for em?

:D:D:D You never know

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Yeah a father figure is vital but you have to give it to single mums; sio kazi rahisi kufanya iyo job mtu solo hata ukijiamini

Y’all need to check out that Dettol advert on tv. Its a good example of what @Hash_Tag is trying to tell us.

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Both peroz should take responsibility incase mtoi amekua mang’aa… sio ati play the blame game only on the baby mama alone ![/SIZE]

Either way you’ll be held accountable for his/her shortcomings. Mabenda4; asiyefunzwa na mamaye…

Mtoto aki perform vizuri ni wangu.

Aki fail ni wa mama yake:cool:

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Hufunzwa ni neighbour…hehe. but seriously, as a parent, you balance between probiding, protecting, set free, guiding, coaching, modelling, role modeling, the list is endless. After sometime, you step back and reach for the prayer beads. Society prays a big game on the end results too.


did you mean cum in hand?

Only God can help you raise the dream child.

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