How you jinx your bets .... #LegsOpen

[CENTER][SIZE=5]There is a certain correlation between things you do before a bet, or when the games are playing …and the losses you brave. (Bet heads dont suffer; we brave bitch!)

For me, when i share bets on here, in most times i loose. Nikilala during a bet, i loose … so it is favorite for me to watch my games albeit on a livescore service. Sema kuchunga kura isiibiwe.

Whats yours?[/SIZE]



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Always legs open!


Seriously dear, si we induce labour today? That baby is having way too much fun in there…

For me naweka bet na kujipa shugli…if I try following the live games kinararuka

depend with how much money nimeweka kwa single bets

example jana everton single bet…niliweka chapa mob…nikachungulia kiasi nikona 2goals nikarelax kuchill sms ya betway

mostly l watch movies ama documentaries

[CENTER][SIZE=5]Yaani all matches in a 7-match betlist zimeni.achieve.ia …all except one. Some teams in Serbia

The bet is Over 1.5 full-time, then suddenly on the 89th they score

90th, they score again![/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]Oya! … @Atheismo kuja hapa meffi hii uone ALLAH (swt)[/SIZE]



Hahaha…if I bet, while working, multi tasking, huwa na brave losses. If I finish work and just bet on my free time, I win!