How women killed men’s desires to chase them

In the past, winning a girl’s heart was no walk in the park; men had to employ all sorts of formulas and tricks in order to at least get the girl’s ear. In fact, winning a pretty girl’s heart was akin to winning an Olympics gold medal- at least within the circles of the envious boys.

Many men will admit that the more a woman plays ‘hard’ to get, the more her attractiveness increases. Men are tailored to chase, perhaps being a remnant trait of the ancient man who had to hunt for survival . I recall that immediately after I cleared high school, there was this girl I was fantasising about; she was in fourth form and during holidays, Marx would employ all sorts of trickeries to at least get the girl to speak to him. When she finally succumbed, I was over the moon. I vividly remember that peck she gave me one evening and I must admit, it was one of the most blissful moments in my hormones driven teenage life.

Today, things are different. Women, claiming they’ve gotten ‘liberated’ (I don’t know from what) have become more promiscuous. Sex is only a phone call away. You no longer need to throw around Shakespearean wisecracks to win a woman. Your ATM will do a fine job. Even if you’re an ex-convict with a fetish for human flesh, be assured there are tens of women waiting for you- provided you live in the ‘right’ hood and drive the ‘right’ car and, of course, your bank account smells of the ‘right’ balance.

Today, the average 25 year old woman has 12 Exes. And, most likely, she has sucked all the 12 d.icks of these previous ‘lovers’.

Further, because of this deception called modernity, women find it cool to overexpose their bodies. Little is left to imagination. The average dude in Nairobi has been exposed to too much flesh, making him uninterested in knowing whatever is inside a woman’s clothes.

With easily available sex, men have lost all interest in chasing a woman. In the past, if you won a beautiful woman, you would be considered a sort of a hero. Today, you are likely to attract pity once people realise the kind of hyenas that will be hitting on, and dry-frying ,your wife.

You know, previously, a man would consider himself lucky if a woman, who had previously turned down 10 men, opened her heart to him. Today, no sane man will feel privileged once a woman opens up her legs simply because she has already opened them to 20 other hyenas and most likely, other 20 salivating niggaz are impatiently in the queue.

In short, women lost that soft, angelic demeanour that made them so precious in the eyes of men such that the latter would dare kill a lion in order to win a woman’s heart. I am sorry to say this but a large percentage of Nairobi’s women share the same ‘ethical’ orientations with SJ harlots. A time is coming when marrying a ‘respectable’ working Nairobi lady will be no different from domesticating an SJ woman. The line between the two species is quickly becoming blurred.

Yet, these women keep mourning that there are no chivalrous men left. If you think drinking yourself silly and getting d-fried by a total stranger is being cool, where do you expect to find a man who will joyously whisk off a leftover to a dreamy paradise? If the idiot you were with last night slept with you after spending only 3k on alcohol, why do you want to be unfair to the next guy, expecting him to splash you with expensive gifts for the same service?

If Karl Marx spent 5k on you and, consequently, slept with you, why do you want Luther12 to take you to Seychelles for a holiday or even honeymoon?

I cannot rent a house for 100k when the previous tenant was paying only 8k. I cannot spend 100k on a woman who, back in the village, was being dry-fried for free in a coffee plantation.

So, women have got to learn the bitter truth which is this: they agreed to debase themselves to the level of prostitutes and should therefore never expect to be meeting men willing to spend fortunes on them or even willing to chase after them.
I know there are quite a number of women who have self respect and conduct themselves with dignity, but this number is dwindling at an alarming rate. if you’ve managed to get a woman of true dignity, don’t take her for granted and always thank the gods of your ancestors.


boss, its the 21st century, hakuna kupoteza wakati, enzi ya kucheza hard to get iliisha at e turn of the millenium

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The thrill is over, in the neighborhood they are all over, the salon girl throwing longing looks, the neighbor always wanting to spend an uncomfortable 20 minutes in your house after work “catching up” and wanting your movies, the local campo chic making a point of dropping by when you are relaxing outside the house. Its suddenly too easy to get laid hence I don’t blame them, sometimes when they play so hard to get, the bloke (whom she genuinely likes) will drop her home and get to his place later on to find a young campo thing making herself available with an excuse of borrowing movie or calling you over to help her fix something.Most guyz wont waste a minute especially after you have been teased all evening with a short skirt and curvy hips and did not seal the deal. The old school girls that our fathers dealt with are up against a massive tide to get a good man and keep him that may prove too strong for most of them making some of them compromise their values.


@karl…allow me affirm what you have just said…ladies from other African countries actually find Kenyan women very loose morally and cheap…it baffles them…


Let’s just say the law of attraction applies if you’re a harlot of a man, then it’s right to say you deserve a harlot! Women are not to blame, society in general is…Men are also too lazy to woo a woman…

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hehe kila mahali monk wewe ndio unafunga macho

Waiting for akina @Purr_27 @Female Perspective @Unicorn wakuje tusome maoni yao.
@karl marx hapo umegonga ndipo

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He he…ths does nt apply to all of us, i easily spot a guy whos a joker if I can easily intimidate you… so If a man doesnt feel hes upto the challenge atembeze kiatu … hakuna kufuata ama kubembeleza mwanaume priss
Gud nytini

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Shika simu,ita mtu,pewa vitu order ndio hiyo hapo apana stress

Hehe that ain’t the first time you saying this. Anyways we should keep an eye open, bibi atatoklezea tu

Hahaha, if i spot a nice man and i happen to like him, i’ll pursue him. He maybe a good man but too shy to ask me out so why waste that chance. Even Ruth from the bible proposed marriage to Boaz and she ended up having a book section named after her in the bible (I’m not a christian but that’s for ya’ll christians who will judge any go getter woman like me out there). However, i’m a hardworking woman and i don’t expect the man i’m dating to take up my financial responsibilities.


most likely maybe you are a monk in a temple in Nepal

Which African countries are those?

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@ol monk Monk yours is a parallel universe. Ask @Electronics4u to create a worm hole so that you escape to our instant of the universe.

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I will never forget a chips funga i met in a club tukaenda naye nikamdryfry the whole night. It was a weekday and a friend of mine had also slept over with his girlfriend. As i am driving in the morning with all of them in the car she asked me ‘by the way what’s your name?’ you can imagine the giggles I had from the back seat when I lied to her my name. my buddy akauliza ‘yaani u guys dont know each other na vile umekula huyo dame the whole night?’ I refused to know.

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Mbisha ama iwe hoya

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Ni kitambo kidogo boss sina mbisha, dont even remember the chicks name either.

It is good you don’t. She could trouble you later when she realizes how moneyed you are.

pursue me please

Unaexpect achukue mbisha kama hata hana time ya kujua jina :eek: