How will HE PORK Uhuru back out of the BBI failure ?

  1. BBI is headed nowhere

  2. HE PORK Uhuru knows this already but at this stage the BBI shit is gone to far for Uhuru to simply back out of it without major negative consequences to his legacy.

  3. What is now needed is a national shock event that will overshadow the BBI debate and provide cover for Uhuru to back out of BBI with some semblance of dignity.

National shock event

  1. Create fear and tribal clashes/killings then blame BBI debate for the mayhem and suspend BBI till after 2022 election.

  2. Dispatch Baba with some “natural causes” method then after a month of tero buru and burial, Uhuru can say “BBI ilikufa na Baba” and close that chapter…

Atulie aende retirement kama wengine

Their stolen land should be repossessed

BBI is headed somewhere. Bonobo MCAs has been bribed so it will sail through. Ikifika ni voting kura wataiba.

PORK isn’t going anywhere. The PM position anaitaka sana.

On voting day, 1+1=4.

How many votes are needed in Mt. Kenya and Kalenjin nation, minimum ? , because out of these two nations, the rest of the country may vote to a man .

This thing aint popular, pengine Siaya… but to a man, BBI is a NO in western, N.Eastern and Coast Regions. Note: All urban centers DESPISE BBI too.
As you clearly stated, BBI aint popular in RV and Mt. Kenya, THERE’S NO BARE MINIMUM, IT SHALL FAIL.

Me thinks the hustlers narrative will be hijacked by mikora mafia expect us vs them ,them being dynasties with terror being unleashed with blame squarely laid on ruto

I agree, but we have to also keep in mind that, the Pro BBI forces haven’t hit the ground running, as of now, it’s only the NO side that has been campaigning, of which they haven’t done a good job of convincing wananchi as to why they’d vote No.
Let’s wait for both sides to aggressively campaigning, and evaluate the ground then.

Ruto and his sides said they won’t lead a NO campaign. They have said they intend to focus on next year elections. So do not expect that anytime. Will the YES campaign have energy to run the campaign agaisnt themselves running up and down the country.

Never happening. I can guarantee you that they’ll rally impoverished Kikuyus to fight for them via their radio station Kameme

Kind of true. But impoverished Kikuyu miss Kibaki and don’t like Uhuru as per now. The others are following Ruto. That’s where some of these Mt Kenya politicians are getting courage to tell him off on behalf of the mountain.

Its increasingly becoming likely that a referendum might not even happen. The same powerfull forces that do not want Nairobi GOV Sonko replacement election also do not want a referendum now.
They were fearing aibu ndogo ndogo headed into 2022 election. A humiliating referendum defeat would be aibu kubuwa sana. Thats what the central Kenya leaders at Sagana 3 are afraid of.

A humiliating defeat against a team that is not willing to lead a “NO” campaign? :smiley: Campaigns cost money hata ukuwe popular aje kwa ground, you have to pay up or lose. Ruto knows that he needs to keep what he has garnered over the years to oil his 2022 campaign activities. It is Tangatanga who are weary of a referendum ndio maana unaona even Ruto showing some watermelon characteristics in relation to BBI (tupitishe bila referendum). UK and RAO are well aware of this. For RAO a referendum is his bread and butter, akianza campaign ya BBI (state-financed) hiyo momentum itampeleka hadi 2022.

you are very wrong. if the referendum happens, there will be major realignments. uhuru seems to be backing a mudavadi candidature. babu atabaki peke yake

Mwananchi ata benefit aje na hii Bbi

If realignments happen, Ruto is the most likely loser because he will need to renegotiate and rebuild again. Your point?

my point is that babu will lose. akina mudavadi n watermelon will make coalition with others, manga ataachwa peke yake