how we bonobos build white mans economy daily

toothpaste made is us and uk
toilet soap made in uk
powder soap made in uk
Vaseline and lotion made in uk
shoe polish made in australia
cologne made in europe
blue band made in uk
pads us and uk made
hapic made in uk
bread made in kenya
breakfast cereals made in uk and us
matatu isuzu gm made in us
computer made in us
phone us and Chinese
coffee made in Europe
coco made in uk
chocolate made in uk
soda made in us
pants and clothes shoes made in us and Chinese
printer copier made in us and Uk
clock made in china
knife made in china
shoes made in us
condom made in us

bonobos have no choice but to consume they cant manufacture

AIDS made in Africa

You should have gone behind the scenes to give use the name of individuals who dominate the production of these products.
Then we ask ourselves the difficulty questions.

Ayy yo I ain’t tryna hear all that shit son. All I know is we wuz Kangz ya herd me?

Well, if we keep complaining and not manufacturing, how’s that to change?

Zile agreements Gathisha and others have signed guarantee that we will never get from under colonial influence in our lifetime. That is the sad reality. Hapa you can only escape personally, but as a country we are fuc.ked. Ukafunge peke yako usahau mambo ya peasants kabisa because the powers that be already sold them into slavery to the Chinese, Britons, Americans through ironclad debt and trade agreements only a mad man would sign.

Well put…

You yourselves elect governments that sustain high costs for local production and distribution.

If we try to get out of these arrangements we will be sanctioned until the shilling is equivalent to toilet paper. The colonial pets must do what master says if they want to be kept alive and in power.

Del Monte lease was renewed for 99 years by Waititu after someone from above arm-twisted him. 8000 acres in Kiambu county that rightfully belong to Kiambu peasants. Hizi ndizo documents wakoloni wanatumia. I hear that another person borrowed money to invest in a white elephant akaweka port kama collateral. He was asked to make the details of that deal public hadi leo hakuna. Chinaman made sure that the contents were sealed to prevent public outcry.

Black bonobos will forever be in chains. The movie King Kong aptly captured the fate of the black race. Always being hunted down, always in captivity and facing extermination if they attempt to free themselves. The white girl represents the good trappings of human life.

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