People always give different crazy narrations of their first experiences smoking weed.How was yours?

Mbwa wewe. Ukiuliza hizi maswali unapeana experience yako kwanza. Ghaseer.


Not my first but a kunguru’s first. I met a woman I had not seen for 10 years. She is thirty or so. We were tight those days and I had tried to have her take weed alikataa kata kata. So when we met she other day, she asked me if I had some. I had it. She hit a joint as I drove her to her place. I asked her if it was the first time and she said yes. I stopped her at 3/4 joint, about. We parked at the parking area outside her flat and we continued chatting.

She had asked me how it had been since we had last met and now it was my turn to ask.

I had noticed she was getting a bit excited.

She started at the point ati about “when I left” (I left? wtf!). She is the one who told me it was not ok hanging around with her and making her look taken. (I was already married then). One of her boyfriends skipped when he accidentally spotted me picking her.

Anyway, she tells me she had several relationships which did not work out. She started tearing. Then she said, “Then dad died!” Started weeping. “Then mom died!” Serious wailing. “God why did this happen!” I closed her window. It was getting loud. Quite loud! She started screaming and yelling at the top of her lungs. Then she slumped over and cried a bit. One of the security fellas came around and I lowered the window and signalled to him everything was ok, akaondoka.

Then she stopped weeping after some time.

She sat up and stared into space for some time. Then looked at me and asked me in a surprisingly unwavering steady voice for someone who had just been weeping, “We used to be so good, what happened to us?” WTF! Heheheee… I wanted to remind her how she said I made her look taken, but I checked myself. I said that I got boring and she needed something a bit more exciting. She jokingly slapped me on the shoulder and we laughed a bit.

I got the chance then to excuse myself and let her out. She picked her shopping na nikahepa immediately.

Post wall chronicles huh?


Huyo angefunguka hivyo at one point anyway.

Weed ni bangi si ndio?
Unajua nguruwe ata umpake lipstick bado ni nguruwe, si ndio?
Sasa, sisi sio wavutaji bangi.

kama huna experience punguza umeffi na utulie kwa kona upewe mimba…Bagger.

Ulikula slices?

I felt that my legs were missing.Nilikuwa nimelala kwa bed nikismoke hehehe the start of a love-hate relationship with weed

ilukuwa 1982 wakati wa coup hata siwezi kumbuka


What are you doing on ktalk.You must be 80s.

I was introduced by a friend Allan. Now we where in Campus. Now we smoked the Joint in some shades in an isolated pub.
After that we went to my Hostel to watch some series.
Now we where both of us watching and meditating. After some time, I perceived like now Allan was seducing me imagine! Kidogo it’s like he was touching his zip.
Immediately I dashed for the door and ran away, Guy was surprised and akanifuata . Kumbe the Guy also was paranoic. Sick!

Stay in the closet Putin

im only 47 years old. nilipata A- in 1994

Niaje bingwa aka karis yule mblack

poa sana. watu rika yangu walienda ile kijiji ingine


Wafuate bwana lakini usizeeshe akili kama hao