how true is this???

Someone is planning Kalonzo to deputise Ruto… I like the combination…

Ruto requires someone soft, Kalonzo, Mutua, Kindiki would be perfect… We must avoid Ruto and karua, watapigana wenyewe [ATTACH=full]139521[/ATTACH]

Kalonzo’s imagine can be redeemed… As long as he stay quiet from now henceforth

This star story is very fake. Watermelon has burnt all support in central a long time ago. His “lie low” threat made him scorned in the region. Besides any running mate candidate will be within Jubilee not outside while those inside have been patient and doing all the hardwork.

Are you aware of what Ruto did to us in 07’ or what Uhuru did to us during machungwa na mandizi time

shinny eyes will never ever support ruto.watamruka kama kijana akiruka mimba.utasikia ooh we must have our own.bullshieth

Remind him, a day is too long in politics.
Also gideon moi anasumbua and probably he will look for a running mate like sonko, munya.

Very much, but time doesn’t stand still. Machugwa 2005 and elections 2007 is 17-15 years away come 2022. A lot has happened by then. The politics has evolved as well, people tasted, failed and excelled. Watermelon peaked as VP in nusu mkate and it has been down hill since, up to retirement. The future of Ukambani is Gov. Mutua. Watermelon adds zero value but loads of baggage.

" Kalonzo’s wife is believed to entertain the idea of Ruto-Kalonzo ticket "

Kalonzo apana, that would be an insult to kamba people like mutua who openly campaigned for jubilee.

Anything is possible in politics, joho has been silent, if there is someone who has an uphill task its ruto coz the running mate means will take over from 2032-2042. The big question is which tribes will agree to watch others for 20 years? Are kiuks ready? Are western ready?
The only choice is sonko who is accepted national wide.

This sucession crap is changing many games
Its important to have kalonzo and mutua on our side

But sonko is a kamba who is heard by all tribes

Nefa, hefa

If Ruto opts for a Kamba, it will have to be Kalonzo.
He cannot risk going with Mutua, otherwise Kalonzo will vie for president and split the luo vote.

So we as gema we will pump in more than 7m votes then stay out in the cold for 20 years?

Sonko vs kalonzo would result into a 30/70 win… Kalonzo, Sonko and Mutua needs to be on the same side…or else we risk loosing ukambani

DP Uncle Ruto running mate will be from within Jubilee Party not outside. Anyone outside who wants to be the one will need to join Jubilee and compete with the rest in the parameters UhuRuto have for them. Jubilee already has a super majority countrywide against an diminished united opposition. Why then should we not look within. The best way to predict the future is to create it. Every election year Jubilee strategists have studied and learnt lessons from them. In 2022 Jubilee has the mandate to not only pick the right running mate but probable Kenyan President for 2032-2042. Do you think that can be watermelon? The electorate at that time will be our kids. Think about that when bouncing names around and you will understand where Jubilee minds are.

It does not cause any harm


Truth be said, I happen to be on the grassroots level most of the time and I can assure you that Kiuks are feeling indebted to Ruto, most Kiuks don’t like being bullied and with such, they will vote Ruto 2022, @Jaymo get on the ground and feel the common mwananchi