How true is this?..ati only 3% of kenyan employees earn more than 100K

Only 2.89 percent of formal sector employees in Kenya earn more than 100,000 shillings per month, this is according to newly released data showing a wide income gap in the country.

The data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, shows that more than half of formal sector workers are living on low wages of between 20,000 shillings and 49,000 shillings, wages that have barely been increased in the past 10 years.

Alafu MCA (wengine hata Std. 8 hawakufika) wanakula pesa ya maana…Speaking of which, mtu akitaka kuwa MCA kenya ni nini anafa do?

Watu utoka mbali


I think it’s 3% of Kenyans, ie 120,000 Kenyans.

Hio salary gap ni kubwa sana.

120,000 ni kidogo sana,consider all doctors,all principals of secondary schools,all lecturers public universties,all administrative employees of public universities on grade 11 or above,all lecturers kmtc and other tertially institutions of certain grades and above,all employees of KNH and Moi teaching and referral hospital of grades K6 and above ,all health workers under regulatory bodies eg clinical offices,lab ,nurses in job groups M and above (these are few) halafu hii ni public sector peke yake,bado private universities ,finance institutions,private hospitals ,private schools senior staff,other state corporations eg KPA(well paid fellas),KPLC,KEPHIS,KEBS heheh etc

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[ATTACH=full]17419[/ATTACH] 3% of 40million = 120,000. Itisha refund ya tuition


It can be true! These doctors, top notch executives and KPA workers si wengi. I know an EPZ in changamwe called Ashton that has around 4000 employees all earning less than 20k. Now multiply all the EPZ, factories in kenya, allcompanies in Industrial area etc etc and you will get that majority ya formally employed people ni watu wa kazi ya mkono. Ata these financial institutions u talking about, Managers si wengi but tellers and clerks account for like 80% of the workforce.

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Sadness of life

hii ungeweka kwa tbt,huyo jamaa ni hustlers kweli

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Na vile ktalk kila mtu hu earn 500k and above. Are we a special breed?


Kwani Kenya iko na 40 million employees??




On the real, Kenyans seem to have the same attitude as Americans as far as money is concerned. The way things are going, I think the larger percentage of the working population will all be in serious debt within the next few years! All these cars, nice homes, fancy clothes … nuh uh, I don’t think its out of pocket(s)


And apparently, everyone in Ktalk owns a car.

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ruto looks older than he is now


Kwani jina Kenyan means employees??? Imbecile


Weka link.

Hii time yote hii ndio ulikuwa una draft? Anyway, issorait- wacha tungoje El Nino isitupate off guard…


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Apart from @kush yule mnono

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