How to withdraw from PayPal to mpesa?

Hebu nisaidieni…I want to withdraw from PayPal but I don’t have credit card and bank account…

No such method. Unless you want to trust anonymous people online.

get a travelers card and a bank account

Open an Equity Bank account. Sign up with their online portal. Link your paypal account to the Equity bank account. Withdraw from paypal to Equity. It takes 3 business days. For further information, visit your nearest Equity Bank branch. You cannot withdraw from Paypal to Mpesa directly.

tumia skrill/neteller, paypal haina…

Google that and the website that comes tops use it. Good guy and fast but higg commissions.

Use Equity bank. Get an account there, go to their website and convert Paypal funds into your bank account. Takes 3-4 days. I’ve done it and it was smooth.

When I was still in campus Chura Ltd. offered the services. Check with them. I believe they still offer the services.

Equity 97 per dollar
Broker 85. DoDthe math. Na equity ni bure

cant relate

Speaking of which Safaricom should be thinking of how we can pay internationally with mpesa ndio tukubali wao ni magiant

Ooh fine…did you sign up for equity bank online?

Currently paypal only deals with American Banks hii ya Equity sielewi. How comes uko na paypal bila bank account? the two are one

Equity have the service of withdrawing from Paypal to your bank account. Othe local banks too.[ATTACH=full]157341[/ATTACH]

Umewithdraw? kama bado kuja nikutaftie customer usihustle

At the moment the most hassle free way of doing that ni kutumia equity. I think it will not cost you more than 600 bob (some cash ya kulipia card and Paypal will deduct like a dollar refundable). It takes you like or so business days to get your cash.

sasa ukatwe 600 bob enyewe labda ni 20$ alafu equity Ungoje 3 days uote kutoka equity ukatwe tena hyo ni hustle msee

For clarity
Ksh 500 is account opening fee/pesa ya kufacilitate kadi/no idea which is which
Ksh 100 / 1$ is a paypal charge to your bank account for some “code”. They reverse it so no loss.

The above fees only apply for a first time user with
a) No Equity Bank Mastercard
b) An unverified Paypal account

Otherwise Normal charges apply

Apply for a Paypal debit card from the account, which you can use at ATMs, stores, and online.