How To Watch Free Premier League HD on your TV Without DSTV

  1. Download tv casting apps on Playstore
  2. Ingia free football streaming sites kama footybite
  3. Tafuta live matches HD content
  4. Share the link to TV cast app
  5. Rusha live HD content kwa smart tv

Lakini hapa unahitaji fast wifi connection. Hapana tambua DSTV.

Cheza kama wewe

Casting app gani ??

Web Video Caster, Cast Web Video na Cast to TV X-Cast. Tafuta hizo playstore.

How do u do this "Share the link to TV cast app’

Vile @FireOne Euler ameuliza

usagoals does very well for me, just install a powerful Adblocker. However I will try your method.

Yes, share the HD streaming link to TV cast app. But you need a good smartphone to support the tv cast app.

Also, don’t limit the tv cast app on power settings.

After a while, you will catch the drift. Another thing: go to less trafficked HD links. I prefer NBCN links than Sky Sport.

But as long as it works smoothly and your internet speed is convenient.

Hapa HD iko sawa utadhani ni DSTV.


DSTV is not even this clear and the worst of DSTV is the put big adverts and minimize the game after paying all that money for Super Sports 3

As long as you can deal with ads online you can watch anything you want for free

if you have limited internet or you have slow wifi use still HD

umbalikiwe kasee.

All you need is a smart Tv, a 4G smart phone kama Samsung A30S and home Wifi or Telkom 30GB.

Samsung A30S has the “Smart View” button that casts instantly to my LG Smart TV. works fine for me, ama Burma TV app.

Invest in a TV that has inbuilt chromecast. Invest in a good phone such as Samsubg Galsxy A series venye imesemwa hapo juu. Whenever watching any content, be it on any platform such as fb, YouTube or any other app, you get a little cast button at the top right corner of the video you are watching. You just tap on it and the content will be automatically streamed to TV while you can continue with your stuff on the phone while the TV streams. I think chromecast is the key.

Fiti. I used to pay Zuku 5mbs for 2500 but I stopped since Zuku was very unreliable. Let me try

Nikiwa na android tv lasmi hii casting nifanye?

Too much hassle, DSTV compact is 2,500 per month! You get super sports 3 for all premier league games

Why would you pay indernet and Dsthieves at the same time?

It’s very easy. I can tv cast in less than a minute with a good wifi connection.

Then you can also watch Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Champions League and boxing matches using that method. Basically, any live sport event in the world mpaka Formula 1.
Ndio upate hiyo package DSTV utalipia Supersport zote.

Android tv poa itafanya bora ikona casting option.

Siwezi download and play from tv app store?

Most latest smart/android tvs come with inbuilt tv cast receiver. Itabidi ume-download cast app kwa smartphone ujaribu.

Hiyo ya tv app store sijaskia. But I think it’s possible nowadays.