How to unlock Safaricom's Neon Spot mifi

Is there anyone who can help me unlock this modem to use other networks like airtel and telkom? Safaricon is too painful. please help

Not possible my fren

Mbona nasoma mifi kama meffi?

Ni zte Alcatel ama huawei? Nkufanyie io shuli

Tafuta manufacturer wa iyo mifi kwanza ndio usaidike

It has no indication of the manufacturer

It should what’s the model number I find out for you?

Hi. I hadnt seen this comment… here… can you help?

does this mifi got a removable batt?

no it does not. it has internal power bank

Mliambiwa mnunue za mbugua mkakataa… ona sasa

Seems a nice gadget, supports telkom 4g na faiba…

Tricky searched that thing through Alcatel ZTE and Huawei sioni… Sorry sioni nkikusaidia

Try this Portable Hotspot MiFi 4G Wireless Wifi Mobile Router FDD 100M - WHITE

The Router is called
Hnet Portable 4g LTE WiFi travel Router


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Any idea how to unlock it? I usually use DC Unlocker but this model is not on the devices that DC unlocker can unlock.