How To Start A Plumbing Hardware

This guide 35 page step by step guide is for you who wants to start a hardware specializing in plumbing materials . It contains:
[li] Introduction[/li][li] Why Specialize? [/li][li] Plumbing Shops Set Ups [/li][li] Choice of Set Up [/li][li] Target Market[/li][li] Main Customers [/li][li] The Construction Purchase Process [/li][li] What Plumbers Want[/li][li] ‘Non – Plumber’ Customers [/li][li] Stocking [/li][li] Overview [/li][li] Main Categories of Plumbing Items [/li][li] Pipes[/li][li] Fittings [/li][li] Kitchen Plumbing[/li][li] Bathroom Plumbing [/li][li] Toilet Plumbing[/li][li] Other Plumbing[/li][li] What should you stock? [/li][li] Location [/li][li] Starting [/li][li] Licenses [/li][li] Market Entry [/li][li] Revenue and Margins[/li][li] Sample Wholesale & Retail Prices [/li][li] Notes on Revenue & Margins[/li][li] What Affects Sales [/li][li] Breakeven [/li][li] Capital Breakdown [/li][li] Notes on Capital [/li][li] Operations [/li][li] Manpower [/li][li] Opportunity[/li][li] Case Studies[/li][li] Suppliers [/li][li] Much more[/li][/ul]

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I got something similar a few months ago from a website (I don’t remember how it was called) and it was very useful for me. I might get this one also, because why not, and maybe I find a new piece of advice.

Hi there! I’m interested in the guide. It’s the first time I hear about it but it seems to contain a lot of useful information for me. I’m new to this area and I was looking for More info about how to unclog your kitchen sink because we live in an old house and we have major plumbing issues. I don’t know if this will help, but I would like to try to do something on my own. Has anyone any feedback on this guide? Is it useful, is it worth the money? Feel free to share your experience, please.