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I came across your website with insightful articles in relation to relationships.
I have a scenario which am considering, am currently in a come we stay marriage ,we have a 3-year old daughter.However our relationship seems to be on the rocks.
My wife had a kid whom she left with her mother back in shags , I think he’s almost 10 years, she has never talked or say anything to me about the kid.I met her mother and siblings but nobody has ever said anything to me.

now if I file for my daughter custody based on the argument the mother already has another kid whom she absconded parental duties along time ago even before we met, what are my chances,but I want the mother out since she’s using the kid as a leverage.


Atajua hajui


Ngoja apatane na dry fry master @uwesmake and others ndio ajue apa hakuna advice hutoka

What do you want us to do?I wasn’t present when you decided to marry her…kula singo mother polepole

so u doesnt love her anymore???

:D:D:D:D:D kuna jamaa ameniuma moyo sanaa leo anatuita wana kijiji UNCLUTURED na tuko na mpaka na senior elder @culture kwa kijiji

We Rocks man fanya hivi. Pata mdem chapa maji, then hide it from your baby mama for twenty years. By that time reveal it just to make sure your other kid and her kid don’t marry each other. Coz problem itakua kwa dowary. Come to think of it you can allow them to marry each other and ask for a hefty dowary. After all they don’t have any blood relationship. Thus they will not sire niendathols.

Separating a 3 year old from the mother above board is a tall order. You must be very cunning to toss her out of the child’s life.

Pack and go far away like Loitokitok. Change your line and let her prey on the next target.Kwani anataka kuanzisha kindergaten?

My fren, don’t kick a brother when he is down. @Ka-Buda , njoo na usitumane. This sounds like your neck of the woods.

First question; do you love her or love imeenda na flood?

She lied to you - PERIOD

Child custody chances for men to win are limited unless you surely prove the mother is irresponsible otherwise the law leens too much on the mother having custody

Scratch a liar, you’ll find a thief…umeishi kuenjosika na kunguru, hoping for you to take in hiyo mbwa mwitu or else…which I won’t bother guessing is the root of your current domez. It has to be clear; a lie told earlier has the same outcome as the truth discovered later–thing is, no one said it is gonna be an easy exit though, but it’s got to done plain & square; either that or you’re a goner.

Mtu akiweka picha ya alternator hapa akisema hiyo inakuwanga kwa subaru, hajui ni nini, saa hio ako na picha nzuuri ya alternator from the net (google). :stuck_out_tongue:

A net-savvy guy who is allegedly about to go into a custody battle and the most reliable fallback source of advice is ktalk. Haya, tutaproceed namna gani?:stuck_out_tongue:

have read several court cases ,almost all favour women,I was hoping to see here if someone has or came across a different outcome but it’s very unfair

not really, but it’s good to be open to different views,.

Focus on responsibility

what kind of :meffi::meffi: is this?!

pelekeni NV polepole