How to solve insufficient storage while installin apps

Well,this problm is common in android Jellybean en previous version while u try installin an app u see tht warning msg tht ua memory is full yet ur well packed with 2GB of RAM,16GB of internal,en 16GB of SD even if u uninstall like 4apps thn try to reinstallin them,ur still faced by tht same msg.
So I found a solution for samsung tested en it worked by dialling *#9900# (system dump) “Delete Dumpstate logcat” Reboot

not sure if it works on other android makes

my current device Note2 (en yes am using jellybean so wht)

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Evil laughter from a lollipop user

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Thank you, i have been struggling with this problem for ages…

Is your lollipop stock? im running stock 5.0.1 on my s4 and im getting annoyed with the notifications when messages come in.

Jellybean? Shame on you!

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nope cyanogen mod. i like light stuff. though sioni shida ya lollipop notifications. i prefer it to kitkat n jelly version

@Deorro I was thinking of looking for doing that. Do notifications drop down on CM? or are they still just an icon or the text scrolling in the notification bar?
If it is, i might just stick to the stock na ni root phone pekee. Touchwiz isnt too bad this time round. But it still has some junk i need to remove

@nairobilay yea they do drop down. halafu ziko same place with quick settings panel. you can even expand a notification to view it without opening it on the app

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hiyo dropdown ni noma. Wife anaweza ona message in full ukimshow kitu kwa simu! its a hazard!

there is an option in settings to turn it off

Wapi? And i dont want to kill notifications altogether. I just preferred how they came in kitkat or jellybean. So now unless i install a custom rom na hiyo ni kazi

in the sounds and notification category in settings

Asande snap

@nairobilay.iv just upgraded basi,bt I don’t like this lollipop big icons am looking for an icon pack in stead[ATTACH=full]4012[/ATTACH]

First of, well done. Im sure you will find lollipop much smoother and faster.
Secondly, that doesnt look like stock but even so, thats ok. Are you running a custom rom? which one?

nameless rom

mimi niko hapa [ATTACH=full]4018[/ATTACH]

give screenshots of your main menu please

On my s4 running stock[ATTACH=full]4019[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4020[/ATTACH]

part of home screen
notification area on pull-down
on further pulling it reveals the quick setting menu

finally my playstore Neon colours theme

Very nice clean & elegant