How to share ZIP,APK and PDF on WhatsApp

•Even though Whatsapp is now owned by Facebook, it doesn’t have the feature to send PDF, Apk or Zip files on it like the Facebook messenger.
•You can anyway share any video, image, audio or any other type of file through third-party sources without compromising quality and share them with your buddies…
•However, it can be a bit lengthy. So, have a look on some easy steps to share
media to your friends with no loss of quality.


  1. First of all, download and install the official
    Dropbox app utapata play store. There is no problem if you have Dropbox account already. Signup for an account if you don’t have one. Login to it.

  2. Then download and install CloudSend . When you launch the app, you will go through a quick tour.
    All you have to do is swipe from right to left on your device’s screen. It will ask you to authorize this app by the end. Then click Allow. In your Dropbox folder, a folder will be automatically created by the name “CloudSend”.
    You will be able to control it completely. Now you can close the app after completing the authorization.

  3. In order to send any type of file, press and hold the file through file manager and choose Share button.

  4. Choose CloudSend option from popup.

  5. Hold on while the selected file is being uploaded on CloudSend folder created on Dropbox. The duration of file transfer vary according to the connection speed and size of file. The best part of CloudSend is that it doesn’t have any restrictions regarding file size. You will have two options after completion of upload – Copy na kuShare. Either you can share the file or copy the link of any file directly.

  6. When you select Share, you will be able to share your file in different platforms like Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Google+, WeChat, Facebook and other applications your device have… Select WhatsApp.

  7. It will prompt you to choose WhatsApp contacts you want to share that link with. Share that link with your desired recipient. It will show link with file name. If file is supported on your friend’s device, it will show the preview of file. Or file can also be downloaded through other browsers.

Hope you like this article!

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So ur actually sharing a link not the file…pretty much easier if u just use drive

telegram Damu

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io telegram ni free?

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haha yani hujui Telegram msee?

Hehehe i also like telegram shida ni i only have one other contact who has it installed, thats how whatsapp beats it!

ni venye watu hawakuangi idhaa yake lakini ni kali kuliko whatsapp


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btw kuna grp “TEAM MAFISI” ya telegram ya former klistets na ni moto ajab


now i waz with them on whatsapp till they moved to telegram and i had a blackberry na telegram haikuwa kwa BB world! I rem mgenge true wz the admin…add me!

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