How to rise up the Ktalk Social Ladder

1 - 30 posts or threads – New Villager
31-400 posts or threads – Villager
401 - 1000 posts or threads - Senior Villager
1001 - 10000 posts or threads - Village Elder

For you to be a Moderator uliza @admin


New villagers ask for this info daily so am just guiding them

Keep it up larevancha.

You didn’t mention likes.all you need is 250 likes to be an elder.
Talk to me nicely I like your every post uwekwe elder by jioni

But what will you be liking if not a post. Then that will be 250 posts + 250 likes = Village Elder

Even one post with 250 likes will make you an elder


But an average post gets maximum 10 likes, then one would require at least 25 posts, unless you use a bot to like your posts, or register different handles to like that one post.:slight_smile: and get 250 likes

Kenyans and their obsession na titles. What’s so disturbing that one is a villager,or not.
The whole point of being around this village is to learn as we have a laugh
Honestly I find these titles,hata kama zinatumiwa na admin kudrive the traffic,a bit of a bother.
Kuwa elder or whatever else the admin dreams of inasaidia nini? Ama it’s a who’s got them big balls now situation?
Kuja hapa log on have a laugh maybe learn something new n log out.


lol you say that now but when a “new villager” posts something, you’ll find yourself in the mob calling him a “newbie” and telling him to respect “elders” :D:D:D:D

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Actually I think there should be another higher level that elder. @admin unaskia hio maneno?



chief, then governor, then prezo and finally putin


Council of Elders, then priest then wanyonyi


hii ni moto, admin, build on this

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wacha nikae new villager!!

Pia mimi nashangaa iz how nilijoin kijiji Njaanuary na bado ati New Villager!!! Upus

After sometime, we will all be senior villagers

I suggest @admin there to be a paid membership, whereby ‘sponsors’ can have certain privileges and you will also earn something to pay the moderators because i don’t think adsense on this site can sustain the moderators. Maybe Kshs. 2000 per year for membership.

Weh, utiaji punguza