How to lie with a straight face on National TV.

maybe you could post the bill of materials and labour adding up to 1.2 B as prove that he is lying?


1.2B includes the purchase of 800 acres of the plush farm at Plateau. The actual building cost is less than 400m

400M?? Dude…what does that house entail to cost such?

Mimi ni peasant hapana jua hio. But kama unashangaa ya 400m, make gugu your friend. Utashangaa zaidi

Tupewe breakdown ya ile iko pale Riat hill


why do these guys build homes that looks like institutions? very ugly including the official government DP’s home. with the kind of funds they can access, you’d think they can get an architect who can design a functional large yet beautiful home.


From my observation , it’s almost impossible to build a big house that looks good, simply because big is an exaggeration , no one needs all those rooms and huge structure .
Very few people can pull it off .


Kind a question regarding the thread header:

[SIZE=4]“How to lie with a straight face on National TV”

[SIZE=4] You forgot to anumerate lie, or were are you trying to attract attention?[/SIZE]

leta evidence otherwise ata Kanjama aliambiwa aketi pale na kiherehere yake

Iko moja hapo sirai beach mnarani currently at 270m na bado final account haijafika mwisho… …sad the owner only comes to kenia twice a Year.

Nimecheka sana hio part amesema “a billion shillings can do miracles, a billion can build a 100 room hotel in Nairobi”, the DP might have been referring to his experience when building the Weston hotel on KAA grabbed land.