How to handle an emotionally unstable lady

I don’t know,
Manyi da

In the words of my baby cousin, mimi Sajui
Mtu abiambie.

*Edit : A lady for whom the distance between thats the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and thats the crapiest thing to ever exist is razor thin and takes 15 seconds to switch.

who is the emotionally unstable lady?

What are the characteristics of an emotionally unstable lady?

you pass

kuwa slay Q


All roads leds to the bedroom, that’s where women are tamed.
Out of curiosity, is your baby cousin a ktalker ? There are lots of boys, in this village, spreading falsehood and flooding the server, with rumours, that Kunguru bla bla bla.

Karibu slay queen fulani igongwe na gari karibu na KCB ya tom mboya. She thinks its the matatu that should slow down for her amalize kupita even if mat ndio ina right of way. As if what ever she was texting on her massive infinix was more important than her life


impulsive and loud, jealous, shrewd, shallow, cunning, manipulative, controlling, and it’s always about them…

If you can’t live with the instability, you bounce ASAP… Life is too short to be dealing with another human’s shortcomings.

All females are emotionally unstable… The intensity of the instability is what varies


ANS: Dick her down spread eagle till she nuts… next question.

this is the most misused word on ktalk

tabia hunyoroshwa na mkwaju- simple