How to fight depression like a boss

Depression is caused by having the same a problem for a long time. It’s never the end of the world to fail. Accepting you have failed is the first step in recovery. Re-strategize your life and get your shit together

Asking for help is best when you have accepted that the problem you are facing needs to be intervened. Make sure when Asking for help you have sorted the problem atleast halfway. Getting assistance from anyone is easier if they see you made some effort

The best way to fight depression is

  1. Write all of your problems
  2. Rank them from the most urgent to the least urgent
  3. Note down the cost and resources need to solve each problem.
  4. Note down the duration it will take to solve each problem
  5. Every week, try solving one problem and Sort one problem at time
  6. Celebrate the small wins after solving a problem by ku Kula lanye, eat good food, drink some vodka
  7. If you didn’t manage to sort the problem, put it aside. Move to the next.
  8. At the end of the week, evaluate what you did and what needs to be done in the coming week.
  9. Be consistent and never give up.
  10. Every Sunday, Go to church and pray for the lord to open doors
  1. Have a monthly and quarterly plan on how you will solve the problems in the coming weeks
  2. Thank me later


10/10 bro. Didn’t know you had it in ya!

There’s two kinds of depression. The one you are referring to is stress induced. The other one is clinical, arising from your bodies biochemical pathways.
Either way, diagnosing depression is like diagnosing HiV. Yeah you can do it with those test kits, but would you trust your diagnosis.


Depression is majorly caused by inability to solve a problem for a long time. Even the clinical one is triggered by some kind of problem. As time passes by other problems come up and accumulate.
The problem is many people will try to solve each problem at the same time without a plan. Chances of solving even one is an uphill task . The life pressure pushes the individual to the point of " I don’t care, kesi baadaye".
Even the simple problems with enough resources, reaches a point they still can’t solve. Most will end up staying indoors, alone, in bed hoping a miracle will happen. That is the first sign of depression starting. At this stage even taking a shower and keeping your house clean seems an uphill task.
Always tell yourself, Every morning, As long as you are healthy, there is no problem that can’t be solved. Fact

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Ukiwa na stress ingia Calabash ukule lanyes wawili alafu ukunywe keg dark vikombe tano uende ukalale.



Dr.mlamba cunyi