How to end tribalism part 1(think tanks kujeni)

As we all know tribalism is a big issue affecting the stability of our nation but very few have given thought to how it can really be done. I have pened down some ideas which I will post later but first I would like to hear your ideas. So how can we end tribalism?

Stop marginalization of some communities because they didn’t vote for you. Example create economic opportunities for regions like homa bay, not politically punishing them.

Hakunanga ukabila, just a few evil leaders who incite people against one another

Tribalism is something that can never end… It’s personal and general as well… We might avoid it but it will always come up somehow either due to cultural differences, political views etc…
I would like to see the ideas you have put down…

I agree but why exactly did we go for devolution?

Isn’t it better that we first realize that
“Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako?”

Good morning.

Infact leaders in those so called marginalised counties misuse funds with Impunity

Something we should accept first is that tribalism is there and will never go away.What we can do Is find a way we can coexist . Our leaders are misusing the freedom of speech. Wakati kiongozi amesimama mbele ya watu akasema kenya doesn’t belong to ukuyu and kalenjin does is also mean is belongs to him and his tribe.?ata mtoto mdogo akiskia ivo atajua sasa kuna tofauti ya kabila yake na wale wengine…
All am saying is our leaders should be careful in choosing their words in public becoz peole have different level of understanding he might mean something else but it can also translate to something negative…tthey are so emotional which is turning them violent ata kwa journalist.does that mean if Raila is president no ukuyu journalists will attend their rallies. Me niko chupilee but also if I listen to Rao bila mafeelings naskia ako na point kama hii kiti hataki for his personal gain afanye vile anafanya huko chini ya maji bila kuinvolve watu coz that what’ creating mgawanyiko… tuko 2017 jaruo and ukuyu have intermarried sana huko chini chini.but as a leader when he comes out and start pointing things in public his people become violent other kabila even non Kenyans start having a bad perception about wajaluo

I also think those areas lagging behind need leadership. U choose bogus leaders u get no devolution benefits

Nitasema mara ngapi…tribalism is not the issue illiteracy is the problem here. Coupled with a few selfish leaders who mislead their people you get an illeterate group being led by a spiteful person.

Othetwise if tribalism existed, the children would never play together, we would never travel, we would never do business.

That is why people will talk of tribalism in the slums and rural areas…but never in major town areas…its a narrative that the politicians use to solidify their political base!

Done my bit sired from different tribes, integrated them into one family, trying to coin a common language, hapana tambua ukabila.

Devolution has had the opposite effect: it has fanned tribalism vibaya sana.

I like that. This fuckery should not spill over to the next generation.

I beg to differ a bit. Of all those you see taking to the microphone (publicly) to fan tribalism, or those who do it online, how many are illiterate?

How do you marginalize people kukiwa na devolution? SGR itaingia KSM na CENDRO haitafika…ASANDE

Maybe when it comes to employment in the county government.

In regards to Abba’s view on creation of economic opportunity,[SIZE=16px]My county’s majority employees are locals but they have never denied me services I require because of my last name.[/SIZE]

NIMEISHI NIKISEMA na NITASEMA TENA. Tribal politics are encouraged by the political system. Tribalism is natural, it is not something you can eradicate, you can only circumvent it. PARTY politics KAMA ya TZ na SA is the only way to go around polarised states like ours

tribalism ni ngumu kumaliza hata the intermarriage thing sometimes does not work
mzazi anakuona na kadem halafu the first thing anauliza is “kwao ni wapi” ?

This is how it always commences: denial of opportunities for those deemed ‘different’.

First we need to ask ourselves whether tribalism is a dark aspect of our human nature or an evolutionary advantage.