How to enable voLTE in supported devices.... Tested on Redmi Note 7

Safaricom recently rolled out volte calling on its network this coming after Faiba had ruffled feathers with this no so common feature that is promising to revolutionize the way we communicate. Among the many advantages of volte is being able to switch from voice to video during the call if both parties have supported devices. Another is the clarity of calls is guaranteed even in noisy places like market places. The list of supported devices is scanty and scare to come by, so I was left wondering how redmi note 7 did not appear on the list given by safaricom whereas on GSM arena clearly shows that it supports it.

I went deep on research and this is how I was able to finally enable it.

  1. Dial # #4636## a long list of phone parameters pops up but pale chini utaona volte provisioned turned off, it’s grayed and you are not able to toggle it off or on.
  2. Dial ##869434## followed by ##86583## you should see a flash text indicating “disabled” on both instances.
  3. Dial ##4636## again volte provisioned should now be on and you are able to switch it on and off.
  4. Finally go to your simcard and network settings and among other things you should see volte settings you can tweak them to your liking.

Nb I tested this on Rn7 and am assuming it can work across all devices supported and also I used safaricom line will try airtel to see if it stands, faiba haiko mahali niko.

Try testing on your devices and report findings


i tried this with a phone i had and it didn’t work. is it a software issue or hardware issue?

Its a software issue brother. Your phone may be VoLTE enabled but its been disabled temporarily. For it to work you may need a software update to be pushed to your phone.

only if your phone supports volte

android 7? yangu ni android 7.

that means turning it on via this method, yet the phone’s hardware doesn’t support it, you still won’t get volte support. correct? or is the hardware not necessary?

Mine worked

Which phone do you have?

It’s Redmi or it’s a different brand ?

Redmi 6A

kama unatumia redmi enda kwa settings, about phone, kwenye imeandikwa “internal storage” finya mara tano

Sikujua hio shortcut

a note 6 pro.

for those still having problems and your phone supports VoLTE dail 10012# then option 3

Safi uncle


Yeah sikua nimepata hako kwa icon ka volte hapo juu ya network but sahi kamekuja seems nilikua nimenable kwa phone but not simcard Sasa with your method sim card imekua enabled pia

Naona info imefika twirra streets


ameiba kutoka hapa??

More of ameshare!

Sande sana worked on redmk 8a