How to Disable a female rapist


:smiley: you would require a lot of will and effort…[SIZE=1]how can you resist puthy?[/SIZE]

:D:D:D ati front butt!!

Hater ni hater tu

:D:D feminazi wasikie haya maneno watakufa shock

second pic, front the looks of his facial expression he looks like he is enjoying what is doing seriously…

lazima kieleweke :D:D

Bangi sio mzuri


hahaa day made



Anamaanisha @kitimba ya Mbele!

In such a situation, you should only be too willing to be raped!

You forgot to mention the part where the male victim strips to his briefs.

He he…Hata sikuwa nimeona ni kitimba anaongea mambo na butts!

Only weak men hit a woman!

mbona huyo jamaa amevaa kata-kundu…

Niaje Dumbers?

Ushaigongwa na rolling pin ama stiletto by a weak woman?