How to Browse Anonymously

I want to start browsing the internet anonymously… So, I was having this chat with another IT guy. This guy argued that a website admin can access the MAC address of a computer. From my understanding, website admins identify computers using ISP ip address and flash cookies. This dude went on to tell me that even if I used a VPN proxy, a website admin can still identify my computer via the MAC address. I like shopping but I didnt buy that!. First, I have used proxy IP address to access websites that have blocked Kenyan Ip addresses and it was successful. Second, I believe no one on the internet can determine your MAC because it never goes past the router. Only guys sharing the same LAN or WAN can access your MAC.
I want to regularly access a certain website, do some transactions using one computer but I want to highly hide my real identity and location. Thats why I want to discover every possible way that websites apply to identify visitors.
So, I went ahead and downloaded TOR browser… Who has used that browser and is it effective? Does it leave any traces? From my online research I concluded that is better than using VPN and proxies…

I want first-hand information and thats where tech-savy guys come in handy…

Tor is kinda slow kwangu… Unless you are a high target or a bigshot somewhere nobody will be after you to hack you. Pia Mac adress unaweza change its very easy to do so if uko worried about it juu mimi in school network admin blocked my comp juu ya heavy usage so changed my mac to za comp za lab n in the end he had to stop juu he blocked za lab too

Its not about hacking. I want to access some websites anonymously… due to very personal reasons.

I prefer vpns

really… why vpns?

are you against TOR because of speed? on my end its working perfectly.

Tor is specifically for darknet and the sites there. You cant use it to browse your regular www.

how comes I am using TOR at the moment to access the sites I wanted to…

are you into child porn?

… small-minds only think about porn… there is more to life than watching porn and wanking…

If thats the case then i very much doubt your ip address is hidden…i havent used tor in a year. Last i used it, that was how it worked.

@Web Dev

A simple google search may answer your question. Payment might fail due to country mismatch depending on payment method. You may use both VPN and TOR.

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Tor si ya onion adresses pekee.

Vpn + incognito mode+ not saving cookies + avoiding sites with JavaScript does it for me… For transactions i use Bitdefender antivirus’ browser

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TOR + VPN utakua sawa

tor is not slow unless net yako ni poor…
VPN ni fast when connected to good servers

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Look at what these fellows (I’d have called them neanderthals but I won’t) are up to:

sawa kajua

i said I want first hand information…

my ip is hidden… that one am sure. even gmail team has just contacted abt my account being accessed via unfamiliar device…

Google are doing that now. Even if you open your gmail through your browser on your phone, they will notify you. I get my email through the default mail program on my laptop. The other day i accessed gmail through the browser on the same machine and they sent me a notification…