How to be rich fast

  1. Resign if employed
  2. Start a business
  3. Manage the business
  4. Buy assets from profit raised
  5. Avoid women n alcohol
  6. Avoid cults like religions , just read your Bible or Koran ingine wachia muumba wako

If steps 2 n 3 fails , you will be poor forever hapa Ni risk taking .

But don’t try step 1 if u not ready to risk …but if u are earning a salary of less than 30k , bro resign mapema usingojee retirement or retrenchment

Wewe na mosa nani anaweza skiza your advice


The title itself is a recipe for disaster. What’s the biggest difference between Sauti Soul and Camp Mulla? It’s all in the name.

One can never be richer than his employer unless he jumps ship…

What if the employer is the government

Hahahaha all rich people are running a business , look at mwangi wa equity, look at kariuki wa Africa spirits , look at Tabitha wa keroche , look at machariA wa gas

I’m pretty sure Dana White is now richer than UFC. I think Elon Musk will sooner or later be richer than all his employers.

At least u get my point

None of those did it the way your title is suggesting

Can you be richer than the Government?
Start your own company, walk outside KEMSA…

I agree on 5, booze and mama’s drain your pocket like nonsense

The dude is also a radio presenter n comedian

N they go in pair

How to be rich is to find your niche and understand how scaling works. Then you have to do it faster than bigger companies.

Musk has actually added more than $100 Billion to his wealth this year alone…

Ever asked yahself why white men see opportunity in Africa n we can’t ? They spot the niche as u phrased it , it’s like we are brainwashed all we think is ruto raila

It’s about exposure. Same reason I can see opportunity in less cut throat countries when the locals can’t.

Wewe wariahe pengine @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii askize advice zako

Mimi ni A minor ya 94