How to be a Male Polygamist in 2015; Of Babymommas who won`t let Go.

If Life gives you Lemons,make Lemonade.
In this Life,you are either Fucking or you are getting Fucked.(no middle ground even for cowards.)
It is an unjust,unforgiving and a dog eat dog life we live in.
There is a reason why our grandfathers had 2,3 or even 4 wives not so long ago until the white man enslaved us,took away our pride and dignity and brainwashed us to believe otherwise thanks to the power of “The Bible or The Bullet” theory that worked splendidly to his Capitalistic End-game that left most of the world Economically Fucked.

I am not too proud to say that i fathered 4 children by 3 women in the last 10 years but hey!, i am not ashamed either! Society thinks i should be ashamed but what does Society know?

Society wasnt there when my first "live in" girlfriend who happens to the mother of my eldest son cheated on me soon after i introduced her to my parents and i was so committed to doing the right thing and marrying her But she took me for-granted and she shagged her ex! I found out and i dumped her when she was 7 months pregnant. Dont get me wrong,i was there in every other way and was even present when she was “pushing” my son out and i even did the honours and cut the umbilical cord!- i have done that for all my kids just so you know! (its a spiritual bond that can never be taken away from you as a father and that baby)

Society didnt give a Monkeys when the mother of my second child (a beautiful girl) was brainwashed into thinking that she would be better-off alone because she was a money-grabbing over-ambitious woman who thought that the Mzungu system of Social welfare suited her seeing that it favors single mothers and goes out of its way to provide everything financially and socially. But it won`t give your baby the Fatherly love that the baby needs to grow up into a balanced human being

Society wasn`t there when the mother of my 2 last children kicked me out of our house just because i cheated on her. -Okay , that was not nice! And i admit that i really messed this one up because she truly loved me but her conniving,two faced cousin told her that she could do better!

Life has always taught me to look at the glass as half full ,not half empty.
If life gives you lemons,Make Lemonade!
The most amazing thing is that now that i am alone and in my “light bulb” moment i have discovered a way to get to them thanks to modern technology.
Everytime i get visitations with any of my kids,i post pictures of what a wonderful day we had on wassup and viber my profile picture.
You will not believe how annoyed and jealous women get thinking that you are loving the “other” womans kid more than hers and so i have noticed that everytime i am with any one of my kids,the other 2 will find reasons to call me seeking attention. I dont think that they are jealous because i am God`s gift to women,oh no… it is because there is just not enough men to go round and i am almost sure that all 3 of my babymommas have not been approached by any man since we seperated Never mind having any form of relationships.

To all you “Absent fathers” out there i want you all to know…“kuna nuru gizani”… I am now banging all of my Baby-mommas again in their renewed quest to get back with me but why would i want to get tied down to any of them while i could have them all at the same time.!?
Ladies,Gentlemen and Society in general,; I am the Modern Day Polygamist and i am sure my Grandfather,my forefathers would approve.
My Kikuyu Cultural Practices have prevailed over All the modern Feminist Empowerment Hogwash that is meant to enslave the Black man.
It is a Beautiful day …


Her loss I guess…

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nice perspective

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For how long can you keep up with that cat and mouse game? One of these fine days the chicken will come home to roost, you can’t have your and eat it.

When you pull off a foursome with all of them we will all changa and buy you an actros for going to the hanye here when you come to visit!
Well done mzee.


But he is eating! He is eating 3 cakes!!


A tree without strong roots will fall in a mzungu hurricane. Our African roots always prevail majuu. Keep doing you, @Ka-Buda

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That is the beauty of this. They all know that i am banging them all and its one of those “hear no evil speak no evil” kind of situations . Just like it was in the old times! Its perfect!..


Wazi bro! Wewe najua you understand exactly what i`m on about kwanza huko kwenyu ni worse ikifika maintainance na child support.

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As a man, I empathize with your situation.

But, hey, you brought some of the troubles to yourself. For instance, why would you cheat and expect your last baby mama not to feel hurt? You said you dumped the first one because of infidelity, right? Payback time?

Life is like a system. What comes in is equivalent to what goes out. Your “little” arrangement may work for now, but wait for real drama when you, God forbid, die. We’ll read the story in the papers.

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Kwetu unachomolewa license na kutupwa zangaro for six months juju ya child support. After umetoka jela, immigration inakuokota hapo hapo (ka we wewe si citizen).
By the time ushamalizana na kuskuma calendar, you’re six months plus behind.
My baby mama alijazwa hizo ujinga za single mama dreams by hao waschana wa salon. Nilimfunza adabu through my lawyer. Hapati ng’o! But my lil girls gets whatever she needs from daddy and not gava


surely you can’t tell someone to wait for what will happen when he is dead…


No offence but you are still living in dreamland.
Nobody grows up with an ambition of being an absent father to 3 women and i was raised by parents who have been married for over 40 years so si ati i can blame it on my nurturing .But Life is a Bitch and you can choose to make the best out of what it throws at you or you can die a Victim.
I will not let the modern, brainwashed feminist woman drive me to an early grave and as my main man @kiLo- said,you have to seperate the love you have for your children from the love you had for their mother. If anything,there is no love left between you and the mother of your kids you are just playing mind games and using the kids as pawns.


Thankyou. @gashwin ,i had chosen to ignore that comment and i put it down to “kutojua” otherwise it is a very cold ad insensitive thing to say to anybody.

Kweli kuna nduru gizani…:D:D



Meant no harm.:frowning: Just wanted Ka-Buda to think beyond his selfish, carnal desires.

You cant be banging all. there must be like eight of you in the game.
Me, I cant pay attention to too many girls let alone those who need attention like baby mommas.

So @Ka-Buda whats the secret, while I cannot have a steady relationship you are out there having a foursome. Mujamaa saidia a buratha

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