How the founder’s children foolishly destroyed Akamba Bus company

The rain started beating the company towards early into the new millennium when the founding director, Nathoo developed ill health and eventually passed away in 2000.The deceased founding director was the major shareholder. His biological sons inherited the shares, and control of the company.

These are Karim Sherali Nathoo and Moez Sherali Nathoo. A third of the shares went to their stepmother, Zarina Sherali Nathoo.As the elder of the two, Karim Nathoo became the de facto CEO, and quickly took charge of the company’s management.Well, ‘took charge’ is more of a hyperbole. Karim couldn’t tell the business end of…[B]READ MORE[/B]

Wachia watoto flats or shamba. Leaving them a business to run is a huge gamble as we also saw kwa tuskys saga.