How tall was Goliath?

According to historians Goliath was a tall man. Some even consider him a giant. Nimeona somewhere they list his height at 9ft tall, a spectacle to behold if it is really true.
Now David, son of Jesse, father of Solomon or Suleiman lived around 3000 years ago circa ()1000BCE()
If there existed men of that height only 3000 years ago what could have happened to those genetics? I imagine they would make formidable opponents due to their gigantic bodies.
Just something to think about this boring Thursday

Or everybody else was short and Goliath was the only 6 footer around and his height was exaggerated. It would make a lot of sense because it is only recently that humanity has been able to produce nutritious food in surplus. This has lead to taller (and fatter) than in the past.

Or maybe Goliath suffered from acromegaly (like The Great Khali).

All I am sure about is that he had a small penis.

I also saw another quote that he was 6ft 6 which even by today’s standards is quite tall.
I have seen a documentary of people with a disease that they cannot stop getting taller. But they are rarely athletic, a necessary body frame of a great warrior.
You’re right about diet. Modernity has improved people’s diet. My grandma wouldn’t touch fish because she didn’t eat it when she was growing up.

The ruler /measurement that was used then was faulty.Even the number of years was faulty e.g 1month now =1year then.

Hence the phrase story of giants

At the risk of being a party pooper, was Goliath even real?

Meanwhile, yule Goriatho tunatambua ni huyu, ama niaje @vuja de
Meanwhile, hiyo Council of Nicea hadn’t met any Africans if the tallest people they’d met were 6’6’’

Teeneja ulizaliwa 1999 ulionaje Gargoyles

when you read the accounts of the bible as the Israelites moved to settle into canaan, they encountered very many “giant people”. It’s possible that the legendary Goliath was a remnant of this giant race/tribe.

Pepe Kalle was also a giant :D:D

Those genes are still active. There are thousands of people who are above the height of 6.4". In Kenya alone I know at least 10 guys who I would call giants.

I think it was real. Maybe the exaggeration is real too.

Oh yes, I forgot that part. Some of them even considered going back to Misri

are you suggesting that ‘bible’ guys who lived for 200 years,then, leaving a trail of 10 wives and uncountable kids had accomplished all that at age 20?

traces of nephilim?

mmekosa kitu ya kudiscuss?

Yes Son, just look at how moi is at 94 years and ask yourself how Methuselah managed to do 969 years.Also think of taking 40 years to move from Egypt to Canaan!! While Riek Machar took 2 weeks from Juba to Congo.

I had to Google nephilim just to get a clue what that is. Loose translation for nephilim is giants.
The reason I think that men from long ago were much bigger than today’s men is because someone from that Era built the pyramids and other features that even modern cranes would struggle to build. The blocks that built the pyramids are at least 127cm x 127cm x 71cm in dimensions. You need giants to move those types of blocks

Nilotic peoples, who predate the bible timeline by thousands of years were even taller then than they are now. Hawa Wasudi sisi huona mtu ako 6’6’’ na ndio mfupi kwao.

Genesis 6: 4
(KJV) There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days–and also afterward–when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

There’s never been any evidence to suggest that Jews were in Egypt in ancient times. Especially in relation to pyramid building.

Genesis 5:32…noah was 500 years old when he sired his three sons.

Kwa hivo mo1 na miaka yake naite fo angekuwa bado ananyonyeshwa na mamake na kubebwa mgongoni.