How stable is Raila's business empire

How this mzee manages to destabilize Governments and no President is able to crush his business empire baffles me. When you want to hit a man hard, cut his source of revenue. How stable is Rao’s business empire… The Government has all the machinery to crush his business empire but it seems hakuna Rais ameweza tu push him out of business. Thought Ruto will kill his gas business by introducing Taifa gas…Ruto now targets Uhuru, Raila business empires | Monitor

It’s not only about the businesses he owns but also his political pull locally and internationally.


Each ODM governor, Senator, Mp, MCA contribute to his kitty, explain how you can destabilize that


Raila is a plant a useful tool to all administrations. That should explain why he has continued thriving. There is also talk that he got special treatment during his detention years. He sold out his compatriots. Do not be fooled


Those in power understand that they will not be there forever. They’ll need others to protect them after their tenure


Because Raila is a good opposition. He’s not aggressive, and his team lacks the technical ability to get him to state house. He’s also a good tool to campaign against in central region where the vote matters.


Hakuna biashara ako nayo. Leo akinyuria leo biashara yake inaisha. All the accounting is in his head. It has no future

He runs Company since 1997called Bakri energy in patnership with Saudi Billionaires

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Hakuna vile kampuni kama Be Energy inaeza anguka ovyo ovyo ata Raila akufe

All his business is based on his ability to get political favors. Hana biashara inaeze jisimamia. When he’s gone, he will go with his connections and loyalties

Odingas have been supplying gas cylinders since 1970s wakati wa Jomo. Am sure the gas cylinder you are using was made by baba. Their business will outlive hasora.

I was even surprised he even supplies gas cylinders outside the country… Hehe at one time, Ruto alicatch feelings wondering why Rao is so mean despite being filthily rich…Raila is also rich, but mean, Ruto says over donations

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Does making gas cylinders require any specialized expertise? No. The point is, anyone can make cylinders but not everyone can access the cylinder market

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Buda, his business have structures. Biashara zingine haziezi isha ovyo vile unafikiria…

Raila’s Petrol Station Chain Expanding Across Kenya: Raila Odinga owns Be Energy Petrol Stations. It is 7th largest in Kenya.

Read on:

Among five-time Presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s vast investments in the energy sector is the petrol retail chain Be Energy.

The company has been gobbling up market share over the past few years as it aggressively expands its footprint. Data from the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (Epra) indicates that Be Energy was the seventh largest oil retailer in Kenya as of 2021, controlling 3.1 per cent of the fuel market up from from 2.4 per cent in 2020. As of December 2022, it had grown further to control a 3.64% market share.

The retailer has outlets in densely-populated areas across counties including Nairobi, Machakos, Kiambu and Uasin Gishu – with outlets in Syokimau, Racecourse, Ngong’, Rongai, Kangundo Road, Kayole, Limuru, Sagana, Athi River, Ruiru, Kitengela and Eldoret.

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga and members of his family are heavily invested in the operation. The Odinga family owns a 35% stake in the company, with 2,801 shares.

Saudi Arabia’s Bakri family is the majority shareholder in Be Energy, which was established in Kenya in 2004 as the local arm of a multinational venture controlled by the Bakri Family. The Bakri Family owns 5,201 shares in Be Energy through their company International Energy World S.A.

Story by Business Today.

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You need to be a qualified engineer like baba to be licensed to make ISO certified gas cylinders. We dont want quacks making juakali cylinders that explode and blow up our homes. Gas cylinder business is highly regulated coz of safety issues coz if you make a mistake it can lead to huge loses of lives and property.

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Nyu nyid nyu bi a nyualifaid nyinyinyia


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There is also talk that he got special treatment during his detention years. He sold out his compatriots. Do not be fooled


You watch too much Katwenje on youtube. The mzee has major issues with ODM