How NRM walijinasa na boycott

How NASA’s boycott is now pinning down the coalition
By Kimutai | Updated Nov 02, 2017 at 11:07 EAT
NASA leaders
[li]The repercussion of NASA’s boycott is now pinning down the coalition[/li][li]President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared winner of the repeat presidential election[/li][/ul]
National Supper Alliance (NASA) crew had its last breath after boycotting the repeat fresh general election of 26th October 2017. This paved way for a direct win for president elect, Uhuru Kenyatta. Instead of focusing on the “Canaan journey” NASA went ahead shooting on their foot and blindly following the meandering path of dead victory.

The repercussion of the boycott is now pinning down the NASA coalition and the only option is to hung on anything that comes along their way. As witnessed on 30th October 2017, three journalists who were invited by the Alliance to cover their event were attacked by goons and affiliates of the coalition. This was uncalled for act which has been condemned by Kenyans of goodwill.

It has not to be forgotten that NASA is a giant coalition and it is demeaning for the coalition to stage a disorganized destructive demonstrations that has led to lost properties and in extreme cases loss of lives. With these kinds of “lawful” events hiding in the protection of a right to demonstrate as stated in the 2010 Kenyan constitution, NASA is proving to be a building on a sandy foundation.

NASA has just given birth to a controversial daughter National Resistance Movement (NRM), which from the onset has been perceived as a rebel movement. This is an additional bullet to their counterparts, Jubilee. The inception of NRM is ill thought. It appears to be agenda less and is headed for a dead end. This in no way is likely to push the government into conceding to a rerun within 90 days.

On its lower belt, the coalition has close doors from the back after some of its members quit the coalition after the August 8th general election. The former Bomet governor and the former coalition co-principal, Isaac Ruto among other members ditched the coalition for Jubilee soon after the general election. This has left the coalition shuttered and weak from its falling pillars making the coalition to be “anything” as it wishes.

The suspected in-fight in the coalition chambers has hit it hard on the wall. It is remarkable that one of the co-principal and former vice president, Kalonzo Musyoka left the country at a crucial time, a time every effort was needed to carry forward the coalition. This according to nemesis may construe to mean jumping ship to Jubilee.

It is important to proofread- twice- before publishing. Some sentences…ehhh…it makes the work look like it was written hastily. Is this a writer working for any of the newspapers?

Shida yangu ni moja, mbona wanaita NRM controversial daughter and not son?

To the trained eye boycotting the election was a political masterstroke,there is no way Nasa stood a chance of winning.

coz it might lay another egg…

hmmm? to what end?

What precedent does it set?
That any candidate who smells defeat can disrupt the polls then go ahead to dispute the outcome and threaten to destabilize the country?

It would’ve been genius if it had worked out the way planned. Unfortunately all of the other candidates were included in the re-run, which eliminated all of the legal standing and moral support that NASA was hoping to exploit. They exacerbated it by rebuking a civilized approach and sponsoring violent protests in which people lost their lives and billions in property was destroyed.

Even the best laid out plans will be screwed up if they’re implemented by Gomer Pyle.

Their pawns ironically rescued by the enemy.


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That true i saw it coming, hawangekubali kuraruliwa hivo tu. But gods were not on their side, ekuru and that judge messed everything up.

And in 2022 they will be chanting praises to the Lord of Poverty

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