How (not) to run a country...

I dare say this. The function of The Presidency is to be an inspiration; to be a an embodiment of persons people would want to emulate; to establish a unique identity and values in the people he/she leads. This is why inspirational leaders like Fidel Castro, George Washington, David Ben Gurion, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler (he was a perfect leader, although for nefarious reasons) were successful in pulling the energies of their countries towards a common goal.

Any country, more so Kenya, already has a development blueprint, dubbed the vision 2030, that is even enshrined in the constitution. The Presidency should never at any one point be occupied in the mundane tasks of identifying development projects. Conversely, the presidency should be pre-occupied with ensuring that there is a conducive environment and systems within which the development projects identified in the blueprint are prioritized and executed in the most efficient way possible; that is ensuring there is security, public engagement, cohesion, rule of law, proper monitoring of the projects by the highest organs of government, etc.

When UhuRuto came to power, their manifesto was so simplistic in such a way that it pointed out projects that excited the masses, instead of it being an ideological blueprint of their leadership. They mentioned roads, laptop for kids, railways, etc. without targeting the important stuff of what they stand for, which is mostly intangible - their ideological identity. When they got to power, they got the pressure to deliver on their promises, hence huge government spending in an environment where there lacks the ‘software’ required to handle such huge investments - integrity. Combine this with the introduction of devolved units, and what we have is corruption that has gone out of control, that the criminal justice system cannot handle. Unfortunately, we have an ineffective president who is very poor at supervision. Then there came copy cat attempts, of guys emulating previous successful scandals, moribund opposition, zombified masses blinded by negative ethnicity and we are risking having no country.

It is only a matter of time before the country implodes under the weight of the countless scandals across the country benefiting a few on one hand and tough economic times affecting the masses.


Burning Spear family has destroyed a country.

#confusedvillagersays is onto something

Include even the sycophant who you glorify that he is a saint.

his powers were taken away. he is not incharge of anything in kenya and not in a position to allocate or steal Country resources

I would rather vote a dog than anyone who has been in jubilee. Mau lazima mtoke khasia.

Jah jah save us from Babylon brutality

Incompetence, greed and selfishness untold… we shall suffer for a very long time indeed!!

In all this, where does our population explosion fall?

Vision 2030 is a strategy document that included population explosion as a constraint. There are definitely mechanisms to accommodate the explosion; however, due to lack of appropriate software, despite having women reps being paid close to 1 million monthly, sanitary pads doesn’t reach all school going girls; if that simple task proves to be a challenge, how are we going to embark on the more complicated responsibility of social education and reformation towards family planning?

Above average IQ detected. Ukweli mtupu