How not to drive a car. Lamborghini Horror-Crash 300 km/h

translation muhimu mimi sielewi kijerumani

Jamaa alidedi?


Where is the great @Panyaste, come translate, though hatuna translation fees.

The two occupants survived.

Really?? Apparently they did though. Gari lightweight, the only thing that was left was the aluminum and steel components.

Wapi ile panya, leta translation

Here is crude translation from ‘guugu’

That car seems to have melted on impact.

Hapana, ejection seat yake ilikuwa mpya.

What a silly question! This is the ultimate painless death, just like the space shuttle exploding.


If @kigongi is right, there is a miracle to be studied.

Check here
Passenger videos Lamborghini Huracan's violent 208 mph highway crash

Wewe rudisha umama kwa Cohen!! Kwani umekuwa DCI expert kwa kila kesi, accident or murder?!

23 mirrions gone just like that o_O ama hapa insurance inalipa kweli?

Wacha ujinga copy paste…

Fungua link acha uvivu!!

hehehe inmates

Let that sink in over 300kph and they still survived.

Imagine if it was blue Subaru at 180km/h