How My Massive Crush On Maxine Wabosha Came To An Abrupt And Violent End

About two months ago, I was innocently surfing the web, MKZ to be specific. Then I came across a post by some mharo page about my Wabosha. Attached was this particular photo

Then some ghaseer son of a whore asked what to him must have felt like a smart, cheeky question. He asked, “is that Rev. Githu?”
In case you’re still in the dark, this is Rev. Victor Githu, that ten-year-old ghaseer who thinks he has it all figured out
Once I saw the similarity, I couldn’t unsee it. That cunt got a few likes for his stupid question, but to me, it felt like a knife had been plunged into my chest. People need to understand the power of words. You can’t just post hurtful comments without thinking about the consequences.
Anyway, I no longer have a crush on Maxine Wabosha.
I respect her and all, but all sexual or romantic feelings ended on that fateful day.

Hold up. For real is that not rev. Githu?


For me i had a massive crush on Nandy the TZ singer

This one


Then she was in a scandal with a fellow TZee … a rapper …Billnas

And there was a video evidence:

Thats about two years ago… and to me all the crush went kabisa

Lakini si pendi tumatiti tudogo

Inauma banaa

Mimi Maxine I used to love her for that “jailbait” look. Nilikuwa na-imagine kukafanyia madhambi kakiwa kamevalia high school uniform. No such thoughts cross my mind nowadays. Not even remotely.

…but yall know how sleeping with a chic that looks like her goes

wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidest pusssie …its a bowel

You do realise that they’d chop off your manhood and testicles in Kismayu Somali for thinking such un-Arabic, immoral , kaffir thoughts.

Or were you too lazy to log in with your sex and relationships handle?

i didnt realise that

tell me more SLAVE

awe me your master

She has a soft bunda

like ya kwetu

:D:DThey bare a resemblance

Zaa kwenu mna zibleachingi zina kaa ndizi imeiva


I thought male Arabs were celibate, religious zealots and eunuchs who do not have times to discuss sexual matters but rather spend many hours discussing chapters of the Koran as well as discussing the types of brutal punishments to be meted on non believers, law breakers and kaffirs.

Your thoughts are not my domain

sasa umekuja kuniharibia hata mimi banae, shiet:eek:

I can’t crush on a woman who looks like a teenage boy.

vipi gay mofo