How much would it cost to build such a house?

About 6 million for the shell, 10 to 12 million for shell + quality fittings

cost is relative my friend, for structure with that roof at least 5 million. When it comes to finishing interior that is depends on quality of items and can go up to 5 million so at least 10 million not adding cost of land

Depends on which country you are building it on

kwanza izo dirisha, the likes of kina @johntez addi gaza msafi wouldn’t allow that to happen.

weka 12m-18m to be on the safe side. But ukinilipa supervision pekee cost itakuwa lower na around 16%

From 15m you can get same or similar.

Damn, sso cost is 15 but the house will sell for not less than 40m?

i like your thinking

Real estate aka flipping houses is more lucrative than i thought. Huge barrier is capital and wezi wa land

35k to 65 k per square metre depending on finishes
Source : Building Construction Cost Handbook 2021/2022 by IQSK (Page 91)

Not more than 7 million. Slab ya first floor ndio itakula chuma kwa wingi. Wenye wanasema 15m have no idea. It will consume aout 6000 blocks za 69 or 99

Foundation/Slab 1m
Slab 1st floor 1.5 m
Roof 1.5m
Windows Doors 1m
Walls 1m
Electricals .6m
Shell peke ni kama 6. M Kama uko na transport yako

Why should foundation cost 1m? Why should roofing cost 1.5? You mean mbao na mabati (any type) plus fundi will cost 1.5m? Foundation ni digging, hardcore, cement and labour, that is a very small house to cost 1m at the current cement prices

2.5m kama ni chuma

hehehehehe, tiles aweke zile za Abeid Karume street, plumbing aweke taps za mia moja na wires na electrical fittings akatafute Kamukunji

Hapo kwa doors and windows za 1m ndio nimejua umefuruta ile mbichi.

We are talking of tandard finishings and fittings. If it is going for the high end, say even importing sofas from IKEA of Sweden, by the time it is occupied it will cost even 50m

Hiyo mabati ina kaa ile sand coated high quality tena na roof ni kubwa itakuwa at the very least 800k mbao 6Kft @ 35per foot tuseme 200k miscellaneous 100k labour kama ni kanairo 300k minimum, hiyo foundation slab itakula kama 300 bags mchanga 200k kokoto 200k excavating labour mixer etc itafika

Mzee watch your language :D:D:D:D:D