How Marianne Kitany's pudesh saved Waiguru impeachment. Ruto is a scam

Revealing the details before a Magistrate Court, Linturi’s estranged wife Maryanne Kitany said that she was in the company of Linturi at Sopa Lodges in Naivasha.

Bring the full story

Is that you digi?

…and then…

Mithika failed to table his motion in parliament. that’s how Waiguru was Saved


Taking one (maybe more) for the team

Haki things women do for love. She was actually paying rent for him, Bitha homes a 4 bedroomed house. But then she DCI need to do a lifestyle audit for this Maryanne. How do you just cough 10million for a holiday in Australia? There is more than meets the eye. Nephew ya DP Ruto @spear should rescue our brains here! It’s getting hot in here!

DCI has no legal justification to lifestyle audit anyone just for the sake of it. There is no law forbidding anyone to spend as they wish. She says she got into business and purchased her first house at age 21. A successful business lady.

And you believe that?

In terms of a lifestyle audit, It is how it should be. I am not jealous. Just because I am poor, doesnt mean everybody else should be.

Its not about wanting everyone poor, its the probability of a young girl in her early 20s buying a house in the 90s, those days mortgages were hard to come by … I don’t buy the story