How many talkers do you know in real life?

I have realised some talkers are very familiar to me just recently some after following their threads to confirm they are indeed the ones.
I’m afraid that i may not be that anonymous as i thought.


I only know @Deepwater is deorro

I know @Tom Bayeye the famous ktalk kinyozi

kwani dufanda alikunyoa sehemu nyeti:D

Mimi i know them very well but can never reveal their identity.

Me najua multi handlers

@Mzee Mashavu = @petermollis @Kawama
@Mpenda @digi

@Vinnywaf = @Kidinyi

@Purple = @T.Vercetti @Swansea

@Wanaruona = @123tokambio

@uwesmake = @Bingwa Scrotum @Mwikalilet @Seer

Then why did you start the thread? also what is this biiiiiig deal about identities? many folk here know each other off the forum. If you can get on with someone online you are sure to get on offline. Tried and tested.
Hii maneno ya kufichilia ati IDs of people you think you know is a bit off coz you could be wrong also.

Nimetomba female perspective mimi…very nice lady

He he he dufanda ni kinyozi hodari ananyoa adi fudhi

Alikufanya Brazilian :D:D[ATTACH=full]344190[/ATTACH]

I only know two talkers here…

I particularly know a talker from Githunguri and another one from kayole junction…

There are also 3 talkers from vihiga county and two from laikipia whom I know pretty well

I personally know @Finest wine …have her WhatsApp number and her previous real profile picture

@Finest wine nimemshow anisafishe macho akacatch kama fockin :D:D

You are likely to be responding to someone on my looooooong block list. So I shall leave you to it.

ni ka-budah

@Thiem isn’t even Kenyan, but he’s a cool guy

negroe you is foolish thiem
takataka ya manispaa kama @digi :smiley: