How lucrative is Airbnb business in Kenya 2021?

Been thinking of getting a place(Nairobi/Coast) and setting it up for Airbnb?

Is it only reliant on foreign tourists or do local tourists also boost the business?

Yategemea na unavyoitengeza na kuwa na referrals nzuri.nina unit mbili hapa shanzu na zafanya uzuri na watu wa bara haswa.

It’s the next frontier in accommodation.
Make sure amenities are tops.
Ensure the pricing is good too.
Knowledge of the local area is an added advantage.
Just like your home, or where you stay, you need to have numbers for several boda boda guys(trustworthy), taxi drivers, doctors and cops. In case you need any.
If you set up in a place that has tourist attractions, contacts for a local tour guide is a must. If there are parks nearby know the fees.
Best hangout places must be at your finger tips.
In other words, let the guest feel you have gone an extra mile to make their stay comfortable and exciting and you will get many referrals and good ratings

Target major towns in Kenya. Wachana na Nairobi. Nakuru especially is very prime for this fiashara. Make sure your AirBnb has all modern amenities such as wi-fi, hot water etc. It goes without saying that electrical appliances, furniture, fittings that a modern house comes with should be available in your space. Finally, get an interior designer to work their magic. Sit back and watch your investment make money as you sleep.

I think people in Kile who own apartments hunukisha kitunguu. But I don’t know how good the business is from an investment perspective.

Get as close as possible to an international airport and charge $30-50/night for a clean bed with wifi.

depends with target market, but I would highly suggest you target locals, people are fornicating so wildly unaeza fikiria sex was introduced in Kenya by the Jubilee government and married folks have become so adulterous. Just target them, ensure the place is private, clean and available. Then be flexible with charges.

Kama ni foreigners, hio sasa inakuwa another game, so much work in advertising.

hi @Kana Kega am curious on what makes nakuru prime, target customers ni wazungu au locals?

@BadaLingam owns an Airbnb at Nairobi West Suites. Maybe he might be kind enough to give some approximate figures.