How Low the "Newspaper of Record" Has Sunk..............

“But what next? The opposition can sulk for the next five years, while President Kenyatta uses the period to consolidate his position by buying the morally weak from its ranks, and exploiting the parliamentary majority to grant himself dictatorial powers, just like Adolf Hitler did.”
Macharia Gaitho, Daily Nation, 10th October 2017.

So, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is on the same level with Hitler who started a war that killed about 50 million people? Who invaded a dozen countries? Who committed the Holocaust?

That’s how low your so-called “free and impartial” media has sunk.

These newspapers are becoming irrelevant day by day…Can’t remember the last time I bought one…too much bs…

huyu jamaa, amegonga ndipo.

Its called his opinion!

Unatujazianga hapa umefi pia in the name of your opinions! So shut the fuck up, and skip the page if you dont agree with whats written!

He is talking about the principle here. Not the context. No two situations are alike. But you can compare root-causes.

Hitler consolidated his position by buying the morally weak from its ranks, and exploited the parliamentary majority to grant himself dictatorial powers. How else did he achieve the feat of starting a war that killed about 50 million people? Invaded a dozen countries? Committed the Holocaust?

Coomernina! Ebu secede…

I dont like that guy. He mixes up issues instead of advancing one issue at a time coherently. He is always pro-Raila but he is finding it hard to support him now, hence resulting to such stupid statements. But it is better he has realised that even a miracle will and cant make Raila win. He wrote offensively about Kibaki throughout, even to the extent of calling for the genocide of GEMA. If you doubt me, check the paper of 05/01/2008, it was on a tuesday.

Silly media!

gazeti ni ya kufunga nyama, hiyo ingine yote ni umeffi!

Hitler won Germany elections overwhelmingly from outside. Actually he had been imprisoned. Can you name a person Hitler bought?

I dont read newspapers today. Labda crazy monday nicheke kiasi then skip to sports section. Ghasia huandikwa huko ni too much

I can’t. But that’s beside the point. The writer is comparing principles in his opinion. @FieldMarshal CouchP is equating and questioning two different events that may have the same principles( according to the writer). Two events can never be exactly the same .

Just cite some examples in which Uhuru is like Hitler? Just a few, so that we can see how the comparison is justified?


In this day, no man can kill 5o million. But that’s what you are comparing. Not the writer. What you could have done better here is question the principles. Did Hitler buy off the opposition, etc?

Isnt @FieldMarshal CouchP the Gaitho guy?
Guka, wacha kujitusi.

I should have expected the high court ruling declaring IEBC, Chebukati and CEO Chiloba free to hold the repeat nominations should have at least appeared on the front page but no since that’s against RAT babuon’s agenda it has to be relegated to the middle pages.

Ukahe rii?

Guka sijawahi muona Kwa fans of reggae music, Na that franje guy is a big fan of Steele pulse and the likes.

Watiga kuhaisha uwesmauki itina.

The amount of news they keep watering down because it will expose Raila for who he is is just crazy. Have you noticed, for example, that they haven’t asked Nasa how they hope to stop an election short of unleashing violence? How many editorials have you seen written about Nasa goons looting and robbing? About Raila’s unprintable insults and deranged demands for chupi?

Lakini Uhuru akisema ‘wakora’ shit hits the fan…its time we who are Uhuru’s supporters voted with our feet. My family has been buying Nation since 1962 but that relationship is about to end. I will even dump their stock. Nimeshoka.