How long you sleep at least every day?

How much time you need for sleep?

alafu ukishajua utafanyia nini hiyo info?

I would like to know that everyone needs the sleep time is great difference or not.


Your grammar is bad[ATTACH=full]114062[/ATTACH]

I never sleep for the same duration for any two days depending on many varying circumstances. Level of intoxication, frequency of waking up to pee/drink water. Level of noises/movements inside and outside my house and many other factors am not in control of as I sleep.

Birrioneyas don’t sleep.

Huyu labda trackita


What are you saying?

@Unataka kujua ili?

I would like to know if everyone needs the sleep time is great difference

Did you know if you sleep for 8 hours a day, by the time you are 60 you will have slept for 20 years?

Still don’t understand the gist of this statement.

Are you by any chance a member of the newest tribe in Kenya? Or Chinese?

Good morning ma’am…

Morning to you too sir. How are you this fine morning?

Am good too. Just walking these streets…full of surprises

i hear you…:D:D:D:D.