How Kenya succumbed to the feminism agenda

Yesterday, a bill meant to allow men to take care of their seeds without necessarily supporting the kids’ mothers was defeated in parliament.

Of course nowadays, to appear ‘modern’ and ‘civilised’, lawmakers are forced to embrace the ‘progressive’ waves of feminism that promise to ‘liberate’ the hitherto ‘enslaved’ women. Today, a rich man who engages in casual, unprotected sex with that ‘innocent’ university girl is joking around with fire. Literally. The current laws, expectedly, favour women and a man who isn’t properly nailed when taken to these courts by a woman who claims to have had kid(s) with him should consider himself lucky. In the US, for instance, young men aren’t getting married for the simple reason that marriage in the US has turned to be the financial Achilles heel for many men. Whenever the American man is dragged to the court by his ex-wife or his baby momma, he can be sure as hell that his financial woes have begun.

What is disgusting is that Kenyan laws are just bastardised laws from western countries. The same disastrous laws that have made the family unit to collapse in western countries. Our constitution – which many think is Wanjku’s document but, which in fact, is just a mirror reflection of the ‘progressive’ views of the civil society- is nothing but a morbid version of western laws. The feminists are winning big and soon, the Kenyan man will discover what feminism is all about(degrading men as much as possible, inculcate a sense of entitlement amongst women and use the courts to fix men).

I always say this: this ‘modernity’ nonsense will leave Africans in tears . To be modern should not be equated with feminism. The whole feminism agenda is driven by the need to usurp the natural order of things, especially the natural structure of the family unit. In a few years to come, men will see themselves dragged to the courts because of ‘looking at women suggestively, thereby inflicting mental torture’.

Why don’t we steal technological advancements from the west, customise them and use them to empower ourselves economically? Instead, we steal cultures- and their feminist laws therein- that we know little about and which don’t help us in anyway.

How have the so called women representatives helped women?

How have women who are represented by women MPs benefited?(Leave alone these nonsensical laws passed to ‘empower’ women; I believe a woman has the power to empower herself)

Who told black people in Africa that to look modernised and civilised, they have to adopt biased feminist laws from the west?


spot on once more…

Well said, and thus the collapse of the family unit from within.A house that is divided against itself will never stand, likewise influencing the woman to think that she is equal to the man divides the household.

In fact i foresee a time when women will walk naked in the streets, a woman will be able to rub her pussy against your face because it’s her freedom and men will not be able to do anything, only when you penetrate will you be arrested and charged with rape.


very well put @karl, i’ve always asked myself who these ‘representatives’ really represent.

truth be told, no other African country is as keen as Kenya has been in the recent past to copy anything foreign. we’re so bad and inconsistent at Ctr +C and Ctr+V that parts of Nairobi speak different versions of English (jamaican, jibberish).

my apologies for derailing your listing but i had to vent this out before i developed another scar in the stomach.

Get informed of how taxing it is to raise a child. Slepless nights, night visits to the hospital, househelp drama. . .the list is endless.

You know what, if you feel oppressed and all keep IT in your PANTS, thats not rocket science now, is it?

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Am I? Duale had a very simple answer for the mover of the bill “you cannot use parliament to legislate to fix your domestic problems”. FYI I didn’t have to read the entire rant to decipher what it was about. There are no two ways about it you just have to be responsible.


@Ladyette kwani who told you thag only men get horny? Ladies too are humans who get horny too and need a D into their coochies to quench the thirst. So hii ujinga eti men should learn to keep it in their pants mpeleke mbali. Everyone gets horny both genders apart from @ol monk. Ama unadhani babako alirape masako so that she can conceive you?

you did not understand this post.

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@Ladyette, are you a single mother coz that’s some bile right there

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The quintessential female playing victim, the kid will be supported, not the female. This will eliminate the thousands of single mothers that are strewn all over the country thinking getting a kid will be all they need to do to live a comfortable life.


Derro my mother is not a part of this conversation.

The issue is legislation. I followed that bill. It was in bad taste. Kids born out of wedlock deserve equal treatment with those in family units.

Note the life of the mother changes drastically. Possible job loss, deferred studies. . . .a long list. Matters the court puts into consideration.

The male on the other hand, his life remaims relatively the same, the only thing that has changed is that the law would require the man to take care of the offspring. Provide shelter, clothing, food and education just as they do in marriage.

The way I see it is that men ought to guard their seeds. Some women will want to take advantage but ultimately the men can control the situation.

haha…Si you have imagination?

So you want to say that women are ready to zip up their thing?

Sababu wao ni gods to control the situation?

Women are very interesting.they want to be equal to men and yet they want support from men, they want attention from men, they compete against each other for approval from men.what vanity.that is why this feminism agenda will never cant make straight that which was made crooked by nature.


Well put

Feminism is a political agenda. The infamous american feminism and feminism everywhere was introduced for two reasons.

  1. The billionares of industrialising America needed human resources in their sweatshops. So women had to be removed from their homes and seperated from their duties and children so that they would swear their allegiance to their new children, the corporate world.
  2. The ruling class needed the votes so everyone wanted to appear to be for women’s “freedom”. It is for the same reason laws were passed to have women vote(Universal suffrage).

In today’s kenya, its the same story with chamas like maendeleo ya wanawake, which are really political platforms for some clever shemales.

You can never equate women and men. Its like equating a horse and a camel.
We are different in these ways

  1. Men dont give birth. The idea is even embarrasing to them as much as the idea of having balls and beards is to women.
  2. Women have high levels of oestrogen men have high levels of testosterone.
  3. Men and women have a completely different sexual response.
  4. Men and women have completely different social inclinations.
  5. Men and women brain structures and sizes are different(I am not talking abt intelligence). This shows that our cognitive function and general brain function is completely diferent.
  6. We are acually complementary and we cannot fit in each other’s shoes.

It is true that the life of young men today is a struggle. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find young men who can afford to build a modern home on their own piece of land. So they have these families that are always wapangaji for no other reason other than circumstance. Despite the equality drums, women still want you to be the head of the family, to be the problem solver, to be the person who takes care of the future so that the family never finds itself homeless or unable to raise school fees or hospital bills.
To men: “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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exactly, this feminism will be the end of us. If the kid is so much trouble, last option should be to leave them with the father. Ladies just want to rip off men big time. Then you screaming apa equality and you can’t be ‘man’ enough to take care of the kids alone. If it’s the other way around, I wouldn’t get a cent - don’t need it either

No you ain’t gods but you can reason.
Just as democracy feminism is a facard. Women might gain miles careerwise, get political sits earn more but when it comes to the basics mwanamme lazma awe mwanamme aka the head of the house. Call it unfair, call it favorism, whine, insult all the women but that is how it is. You just have to rise above it, take responsibility. Be better! Better yet walk with God and you will never go wrong.

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You do realize you’re playing guitar for a bunch of sheep in a pen.o_O